Winter Hair Colors: 30 Winning Looks to Try this Season

It’s still the season – it’s officially winter. It slowly became cold and demoralized. But there is a way to brighten up your life and bring back your own cold weather blues by trying on new hair color! Now is a great time to try out some winter hair colors before the season starts. It’s a great way to say goodbye to the boring old days and has mythical curls. Try some of our best winter hair colors and get ready for this season.

While winter means cold weather and dark nights, for most of us it means more parties, family gatherings and dancing too. From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years’, you want to look your best. Now take a few minutes to plan your hair color and style changes over the winter.

Winter is the time to end the changing warm and enveloping seasons as the weather cools and the nights get longer. There’s nothing like a new haircut that makes you feel good, what better time to embrace your new you than to be in touch with the seasons? Here’s a collection of our most popular winter hair colors that you can take turns using.

1. Ash Silver Hair Color

Ash Silver Hair Color
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Source: @d_headline

2. Blue Hair Color

Blue Hair Color
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Source: @maite_naiara

3. Colorful Hair

Colorful Hair
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Source: @gotadomato

4. Maple Colors

Maple Colors
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Source: @beau_ideal_beauty_salon

5. Medium Blonde Hair

Medium Blonde Hair
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Source: @ahmettuncaykaya

6. Medium Curly Blue

Medium Cruly Blue
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Source: @nfvb_insta

7. Orange Hair

Orange Hair
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Source: @dreamscwb

8. Platinum Blonde Winter Hair

Platinum Blonde Winter Hair
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Source: @meilings_chair

9. Purple Wavy Hair

Purple Wavy Hair
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Source: @aplusbhairstudio

10. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair 1
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Source: @salonskanda

11. Short Green Hair

Short Green Hair
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Source: @kimbrelleeee

12. Short Grey Bob

Short Grey Bob
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Source: @mahsabeauty.msh

13. Short Pink Hair

Short Pink Hair 2
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Source: @maryjaynehair

14. Wavy Short Hair

Wavy Short Hair
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Source: @hanan.salmanpour

15. Yellow Wavy Hair

Yellow Wavy Hair
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Source: @bambihairbrush

16. Brown Angled Bob

Brown Angled Bob
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Source: @chicscissorshair

17. Deep Balayage

Deep Balayage
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Source: @serdarerdoogan

18. Face Frame Balayage

Face Frame Balayage
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Source: @serdarerdoogan

19. Fantasy Blue Colors

Fantasy Blue Colors
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Source: @estilistametalera

20. Gorgeous Winter Hair

Gorgeous Winter Hair
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Source: @kristinatabb

21. Long Colored Hair

Long Colored Hair
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Source: @arteemmadeixas

22. Lowlights for Winter

Lowlights for Winter
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23. Medium Purple Hair

Medium Purple Hair
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Source: @motilazo

24. Rainbow Hair Color

Rainbow Hair Color 2
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Source: @onetrickponyok

25. Rainbow Medium Hair Color

Rainbow Medium Hair Color
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Source: @pivotpointintl

26. Red Hair

Red Hair
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Source: @anaisb.coiffeur

27. Short Blonde Balayage

Short Blonde Balayage 1
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Source: @claudiotowers

28. Short Bob Curly

Short Bob Curly
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Source: @salao_styllusartes_

29. Short Bob Haircut

Short Bob Haircut
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Source: @loren_kososki

30. Short Fashion Style

Short Fashion Style
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Source: @maliohani.beautysalon