15 Trendy Pixie Cut Colors Ideas 2022

Pixie cut is a classic hairstyle, it is known for its suitability for most hair types and face shapes, you can dress with pixie cuts without fear. Pixies are often frowned upon by some women because of their tomboy look, which they believe is only suitable for rock chicks and gorgeous men. If you see it on the red carpet, why not consider trying it yourself?

If you’re ready to try a pixie cut, you can start with a trendy new hair color that you need to seriously consider your own natural skin tone and matches your facial structure perfectly. Of course, you’d better go to a nearby salon and let an experienced colorist help you choose the right shade.

Pixie cuts have not only been a trend over the years, but also a smart choice for those who want to incorporate their personality into their hairstyle. Today, we present 15 pixie cut colors ideas that we hope you will be inspired by.

1. Cool Blue Tones on Short Hair

Cool Blue Tones on Short Hair

Blue represents vitality and boldness, looks very chic, and the wave style can balance the monotony of the pixie cut.

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