The Most Popular Short Hairstyles to Get A Fresh Look

Short hair is more than a trend. It is practically an attitude to life! Ready to post? Let these famous pixel cuts, bobs, lobs and more inspire you to book a trip to the lounge. Even if you only climb a few centimeters, you feel like a completely new woman.

A short and straight hairstyle is the type of hairstyle that you would use for almost any occasion or excursion. These hairstyles can vary from a very heavy appearance with only one length to razors, short layers and extremely short harvests. Short and straight hairstyles are fun and quick to do, but that doesn’t mean they look bad.

Short hairstyles for thin hair are easier to comb than long hairstyles for thick hair, but there are differences between hairstyles. From layered bobs to playful curls, there are countless ways to get a bigger and bulky appearance and create an illusion of fullness.

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Source: Instagram @fch_trinity