Stylish Long Gray Hair Ideas for Women on Instagram

Gray hairs tend to creep towards us. Most women first notice individual hair between the ages of 34 and 44. When the body is about 35 years old, it stops producing melanin, the pigment cells of the hair follicle. Genetics and race also play a role. White, silver or gray hair grows back when the hair falls out naturally. Some women are happy with gray. Others turn to permanent dyes to hide them. But just change your hairstyle and you can be easily distracted by gray hair if this is the route you are taking.

Have you noticed that young people dye their hair gray? Yes really, it is a trend! So going out and having gray hair can save you money and make your natural gray shine. Today’s women have more options than ever. Whether you are natural or dye your hair, you can look and feel great at any age regardless of your hair color.

Whatever your reasons, being gray doesn’t mean you don’t care what it looks like. You can still have a nice haircut with gray hair. Some women even prefer the texture and possibility of silver strands. Here are 30 gorgeous women who rock their long gray hair in amazing style.

1. Silver Hairstyle

Silver Hairstyle
Source: @myselfija

2. Long Silver Hair

Long Silver Hair
Source: @uniquelyme_2

3. Natural Hair Color

Natural Hair Color
Source: @myselfija

4. Naturally Grey

Naturally Grey
Source: @silverbeauty.michelle

5. Silver Hair

Silver Hair
Source: @bautawitch

6. Long Grey Hair

Long Grey Hair
Source: @myselfija

7. Black Dress

Black Dress
Source: @charleemas

8. Long Grey Hair

Long Grey Hair
Source: @asilvercoastalgirl15

9. Silver Queen Power

Silver Queen Power
Source: @bbsilverhair

10. Grey Hair 2020

Grey Hair 2020
Source: @myselfija

11. Natural Silver Hair

Natural Silver Hair
Source: @bbsilverhair

12. Long and Silver

Long and Silver
Source: @cubansilvergirl

13. Grey Hair Transition

Grey Hair Transition
Source: @smokeysilversue

14. Long Grey Hair

Long Grey Hair 2021
Source: @myselfija

15. Silver Sisters 2020

Silver Sisters 2020
Source: @bautawitch

16. Natural Silver Hair

Natural Silver Hair 2020
Source: @bbsilverhair

17. Silver Hair for Over 60

Silver Hair for Over 60
Source: @bbsilverhair

18. Over 40 Grey Style

Over 40 Grey Style
Source: @acertainvintage

19. Long and Silver

Long and Silver 2020
Source: @cubansilvergirl

20. Long & Grey Hair

Long Grey Hair 1
Source: @rosemariefern

21. Grey Haircut

Grey Haircut
Source: @mysilverme

22. Natural Grey Hair

Natural Grey Hair
Source: @myselfija

23. Silver Fox

Silver Fox
Source: @rainydayjames3611

24. Silver Natural Hair

Silver Natural Hair
Source: @my_beloved_silver

25. Gorgeous Silver

Gorgeous Silver
Source: @asilvercoastalgirl15

26. Silver Hair

Silver Hair 2020
Source: @arianasilvergirl

27. Long Grey Hair 2020

Long Grey Hair 2020
Source: @asilvercoastalgirl15

28. Cool Long Grey Hair

Cool Long Grey Hair
Source: @silvergirlmx

29. Silver Hair Lady

Silver Hair Lady
Source: @nanouhmn

30. Grey Wavy Hair

Grey Wavy Hair
Source: @silverbeauty.michelle