18 Stylish Blonde Pixie Cut Ideas 2022

Pixie cut is easy to maintain and fits most face shapes of women, and more importantly, it produces great visual effects with many colors. The one word to describe the pixie cut is BOLD, pixie cuts can come in stylish options of undercuts, designs, and shaved edges, but you also have to put in some effort to make it perfect.

Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry, Zoë Kravitz are just a few of the Hollywood stars who have gone through the blonde pixie cut at some time in the past and they have started a new fashion trend. But the pixie cut has been around for decades and the blonde pixie is more proof that this style is right. When you have short blonde hair, there is no need to do much color treatment and you will activate this year’s style in no time.

Here we list the 18 most popular blonde pixies for 2022, across all hair types, textures and face shapes, and these stylish blonde pixies will make you fall in love with the cut!

1. Natural Side Parting Blonde Pixie

Natural Side Parting Blonde Pixie 2

She’s pretty with natural champagne colored blonde pixie, you can choose this hairstyle for your short hair that is very soft and smooth, please be bold and try it without fear, remember use some shine spray to polish.

2. Wavy Bangs On Blonde Pixie Cut

Wavy Bangs on Blonde Pixie Cut

So beautiful! You need unique wavy bangs to adorn your blonde pixie cut, which gets rid of the stale style and takes you into a fresh style.

3. Long Pixie With Undercut

Long Pixie With Undercut

The undercut adds vibrancy to the blonde pixie, it creates the perfect combination of femininity and wildness, and she knows how to be different this year.

4. Smooth Forehead Blonde Pixie

Smooth Forehead Blonde Pixie

Awesome hairstyle! The setback gizmo adds volume to the top and provides the polished finish you need for the whole look with good styling wax.

5. Cute Little Pixie Cut

Cute Little Pixie Cut

Chop your hair then wear this cute style, a simple pixie cut with undercuts that boldly reveal your full forehead, you’ll get a whole new look.

6. Multi Angle Pixie

Multi Angle Pixie

This Bob-like cute pixie cut is so different, the back of the cut looks clean and sharp, while the top of the head to do a soft treatment that does not look too hard.

7. Big Side Parting Wavy Pixie

Big Side Parting Wavy Pixie

What a difference a little haircut that is so much easier to curl, style and it’s definitely giving you all that volume, waves and textures accentuate the sexy beauty of the shape, which looks so striking.

8. Elegant Blonde Pixies With Glasses

Elegant Blonde Pixies With Glasses

If you are an office lady, you can try this elegant short blonde pixie cut, the bangs are cocked a bit playful and the overall look is sensible and lovely.

9. Funny Shaved Blonde Pixie Cut

Funny Shaved Blonde Pixie Cut

What a fun pop of color! The stylist started out cuting a goth black prescision Bob probably around 80 different ways. She’s been given undercuts, grown them out, fringes, a line – aeon flux style bobs, square bobs, it is a pandemic blonde power pixie.

10. Wavy Blonde Short Pixie

Wavy Blonde Short Pixie

Pixie grow outs don’t have to be painful! Frequent trims, color changes and styling are essential to getting through the awkward phases.

11. Texture Pixie Blond Hair

Texture Pixie Blond

How about this little pixie cut with a punk style? Her hair has layers and a messy vibe, and the intoxicating power rocks the whole world!

12. Blonde Pixie Haircut With Hair Knot

Blonde Pixie Haircut With Hair Knot

A simple and cute hair knot will make your pixie cut stand out, it’s so cute and outstanding as the dark lips and exaggerated tattoos.

13. Spooky Colored Pixie Hair

Spooky Colored Pixie Hair

Pixie cut with bangs never goes out of style, it’s a great way to balance an oval face, with a long side sweep to smooth out the angle of the face, and the addition of blue and red adds fun to your blonde.

14. Super Short Blonde Pixie Cut

Super Short Blonde Pixie Cut

When you become a lady over 50, picking a short pixie cut with low maintenance is the right solution, it’s simple and doesn’t go out of style easily, and you’ll have more time to focus on your work.

15. Small Textured Blonde Pixie Cut

Small Textured Blonde Pixie Cut

Would you ever get a pixie cut? Getting a pixie for most of your life, and it makes you want to chop your hair off, you will look gorgeous.

16. Light Blonde Pixie With Undercut

Light Blonde Pixie With Undercut

Time for a trim, and a new color! The shiny and curly pixie brings you a high fashion sense.

17. Icy Blonde Hair Sweeping Bangs

Icy Blonde Hair Sweeping Bangs

Icy is not a natural color. It’s a toner (overlay) she put on the hair to create the icy look. In time the overlay gets shampooed out..BUT you can maintain the icy blonde with Oligo Purple Shampoo!

18. Funny Short Blonde Pixie

Funny Short Blonde Pixie

It looks so gooood! Blonding usually takes a good amount of time and money, even for a relatively straight forward process, so worth it and so much fun!