26 Latest Fall Hair Colors for Women in 2020

New season, new haircut, new trend. When the leaves change, you can also change the best accessory: your hair.

Just as your manicure and lipstick season changes, you can make it your ‘do’ too, and changing your hair color for fall 2020 is a great way to freshen up your look, whether you’re after a sassy style or dared, classic style. The trend of feminine hair color changes with every new season. Therefore, in 2020 it is necessary to understand the best fall hair color.

Wearing your style with fall hair color is a great way to really match your mood to the weather outside. From honey-colored highlights to bright orange tones, there are many ways to find the perfect hair for you.

Check out this article to see some beautiful fall colors that will hit the top this fall. After reading this article you will know exactly how to pamper yourself and what hair color to wear this fall to look even more beautiful and prepare for the cold season.

1. Soft Waves Blonde

Soft Waves Blonde
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Source: @luxsalonraleigh

2. Purple Hair

Purple Hair
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Source: @volumeonesalon

3. Plum Fall Color

Plum Fall Color
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Source: @liz.colors

4. Fall Hair Color

Fall Hair Color
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Source: @marisam.hair.makeup

5. Short Fall Hair

Short Fall Hair
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Source: @color.and.curls

6. Blonde or Bronde

Blonde or Bronde
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Source: @habitat_hairstudio

7. Halloween Hairstyle

Halloween Hairstyle
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Source: @headrushdesigns

8. Long Fall Hair

Long Fall Hair
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Source: @andrewkyle

9. Rich Chocolate

Rich Chocolate
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Source: @socal_hairstylist

10. Orange Balayage

Orange Balayage
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Source: @vizzionsstudio

11. Pulpriot Hair

Pulpriot Hair
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Source: @jacky.alchemist

12. Toffee Balayage

Toffee Balayage
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Source: @productclub

13. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair
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Source: @lucie_leclerc_coiffure

14. Painted Highlights

Painted Highlights
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Source: @bohemehair

15. Gorgeous Balayage

Gorgeous Balayage
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Source: @urbanbettysalon

17. Pumpkin Spiced Hair

Pumpkin Spiced Hair
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Source: @emilianimetro

18. Platinum Hair

Platinum Hair
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Source: @emily_luxsalon

19. Red Hair Color

Red Hair Color
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Source: @chopitoff

20. Clean, Kind and Warm

Clean Kind and Warm
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Source: @simplyorganicofficial

21. Split Hair Color

Split Hair Color
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Source: @garrettkenroach

22. Bronde Smokeshow

Bronde Smokeshow
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Source: @hairshegoes.id

23. Fall Hair Color 2020

Fall Hair Color 2020
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Source: @andreajanecki

24. Balayage Hair

Balayage Hair
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Source: @_brianapaulina

25. Texture Fall Style

Texture Fall Style
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Source: @unite_hair

26. Buttery Blonde

Buttery Blonde
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Source: @hair_by_s.pringle