Incredible Short Wavy Hair to Look Gorgeous for 2021

Short wavy hairstyles in 2020 is still as popular as it was last year. These wavy cuts and styles are sexy, fun and free. Whether you have naturally wavy hair or not, you can rock these wavy styles with any of the curlers and textures with a simple spray.

Short wavy hair is all the rage and can come in many face shapes. Also, beautiful and beautiful waves can make hair look more energetic and layered. It can be a great option for people with fine hair.

If you have a short haircut it is highly desirable for it to look fabulous. Short hair should be voluminous and sometimes special. Use the latest shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair in the best position.

A shiny short wave hairstyle can also bring you a lot of charm, fun, fashion and a lot of twists. So pick one up and say goodbye to your boring hairstyle and let the new year cool off.

1. Blonde Blunt Bob

Blonde Blunt Bob
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Source: @laurentfkerr

2. Brown Hair

Brown Hair
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Source: @hairbymadisonkylie

3. Curly Cuts

Curly Cuts
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Source: @curlologybymarilyn

4. Lowlights and Highlights

Lowlights and Highlights
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Source: @nicoleana_hair

5. Natural Grey Hair

Natural Grey Hair
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Source: @shegrowswilder

6. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair 1
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Source: @cassd10

7. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair 2
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Source: @surlycurl

8. Short Wavy 90s Bob

Short Wavy 90s Bob
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Source: @hair_georgedivision

9. Soft Waves

Soft Waves
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Source: @hair_georgedivision

10. Textured Bob

Textured Bob
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Source: @jillianarush

11. Vintage Style

Vintage Style
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Source: @dressmeupscotty

12. Wavy Pixie

Wavy Pixie
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Source: @sonia_mascara

13. Asian Wavy Hair

Asian Wavy Hair
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Source: @acasasilva

14. Balayage Hair

Balayage Hair
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Source: @level12salon

15. Balayage Highlights

Balyage Highlights
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Source: @erikabonillahair

16. Beautiful Balayage with Warm Tones

Beautiful Balayage with Warm Tones
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Source: @hair_byale_

17. Black Bob Haircut

Black Bob Haircut
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Source: @md_villarreal

18. Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut 2
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Source: @emilia_sagfors_hair

19. Orange Short Wavy Hair

Orange Short Wavy Hair
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Source: @kindawavykindacurly

20. Red Wavy Hair

Red Wavy Hair
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Source: @real_life_ruth

21. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair 2
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Source: @jenlandrade

22. Short Hair

Short Hair 2
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Source: @kim_stam

23. Short Wavy Hair 2020

Short Wavy Hair 2020
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Source: @val.vincent_

24. Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair
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Source: @kaasiagry

25. Silver Short Hair 2020

Silver Short Hair 2020
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Source: @shegrowswilder

26. Wavy Curls

Wavy Curls
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Source: @ktenion

27. Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair 3
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Source: @natmakingwaves

28. Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair
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Source: @dana.boca