How to Make A Messy Low Ponytail Without 5-Minutes

Hi, everyone. I’m going to be sharing with you guys how I created this beautiful, effortless, messy low ponytail. And I’m going to be sharing with you guys the products that I used, and the secret weapon that helps you get it looking as perfect as possible.

So without further ado, let’s go ahead and get into the messy low ponytail tutorial.

And here we go.

If you’re starting with fresh hair, you can just run a curler through your hair. It does not have to be perfect, because it is going to go up in a ponytail obviously. But I would recommend curling your hair first, because it’s going to help give that volume all throughout.

So I’ve already prepped my hair with a heat protectant.

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It is a heat protectant.
It is also protecting against your hair drying out.
It is basically the magic product.

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Then you want to go ahead and bring your hair to the nape of your neck and secure it in a very loose ponytail.
messy low ponytail tutorial 1 1 messy low ponytail tutorial 2 1

I like to use a really thin hair tie and wrap it around only twice. What I’m going to do is I’m going to tug on the ponytail just to give it a lift.
messy low ponytail tutorial 3

Once I get the ponytail into the correct positioning, I’m going to wrap the ponytail around one more time in order to really secure it into the position that I want it to sit in.
messy low ponytail tutorial 4

Now, what I’m going to do is pull all of the roots out of the ponytail. And it’s going to look a little bit crazy and huge at first.
messy low ponytail tutorial 5
But we’re going to tame it down in just a second.

When it comes to the front pieces, you kind of want to start small and determine how much you want to pull out.
messy low ponytail tutorial 6

And I’m going to pull them out so they’re even.
messy low ponytail tutorial 7

I’m going to take my curling iron and just go over these front pieces. And you want to remember to curl these front pieces away from the face.
messy low ponytail tutorial 8

Next, what we’re going to do is we’re going to take a piece from underneath the ponytail, and we’re going to wrap it around the elastic just to give it a more elegant, clean look.
messy low ponytail tutorial 9 messy low ponytail tutorial 10

This is a Light Elements Aveda Defining Whip. And what this is going to do, it’s going to make the ponytail look very piecy, and messy.

And it’s just going to add the finishing touches to the look.
messy low ponytail tutorial 11

I’m going to use the smallest amount. And I’m going to lay down all of these baby hairs.messy low ponytail tutorial 12

messy low ponytail tutorial 13

It really isn’t too difficult. I do think that this Defining Whip makes the look, it kind of just puts everything into place, it’s going to let it last all night long. You definitely don’t have to pull out the pieces if you don’t want to. I just think it gives it a little bit of an edgier, messy look.
messy low ponytail tutorial 14

messy low ponytail tutorial 15

I hope you guys enjoyed this little pony hair tutorial.