Hottest Medium Layered Hairstyles for Women 2021

Medium length styles are a great haircut for every woman’s hairstyle. This can be a bold hair makeover or just a cut with an added twist to speed up a style you already love. If you’re looking for a hairstyle change, a simple cut can go a long way. Medium length hair offers many benefits, including the ability to comb. For those who don’t want to change long hair for short, the happiness center is this length. You will love the new cut without compromising the safety of your long hair.

Medium layered hairstyle has become one of the most sought after couture hairstyles of late! The thing is, they are extremely versatile and can switch between up, half-up, woven and down hairstyles. And the final look is either straight or slightly wavy, so everyday styling is quick and easy.

Layered hair can do a lot for all of your styles and is easy to do. It doesn’t really depend on the length of your hair so short, medium and long hair layers can be added. Layers add movement and interest to hairstyles that would otherwise be boring. Movement can create or break some hairstyles and layers to create a lot of movement in conjunction with curly hair, waves and other styling techniques.

1. Blond Highlights

Blond Highlights
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Source: @mykindoffancy

2. Blonde Medium Layered Haircut

Blonde Medium Layered Haircut
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Source: @eddymunsterartistry

3. Japanese Medium Layered Haircut

Japanese Medium Layered Haircut
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Source: @573.ilmm

4. Korean Medium Hair

Korean Medium Hair
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Source: @soonsoo_w

5. Medium Layer

Medium Layer
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Source: @dewo_tci

6. Medium Layered Haircut

Medium Layered Haircut
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Source: @kira_beauty_official

7. Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder Length Hair
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Source: @beautybytaylor_spokane

8. Asian Layered Haircut

Asian Layered Haircut
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Source: @yorinesilviana

9. Black Medium Hairstyles

Black Medium Hairstyles
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Source: @jeffryluvaze

10. Curly Medium Layered Haircut

Curly Medium Layered Haircut
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Source: @perry_ray_luvaze

11. Layer Medium Black Hair

Layer Medium Black Hair
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Source: @aryateam_salon

12. Medium Layered Haircut 2021

Medium Layered Haircut 2021
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Source: @deathcabforjudy

13. Sandy Brown Color

Sandy Brown Color
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Source: @t_therapos

14. Shag Medium Haircut

Shag Medium Haircut
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Source: @yourmanegirlpenny

15. Shaggy Natural Brown Hair

Shaggy Natural Brown Hair
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Source: @deathcabforjudy

16. Waterfall Teal Balayage

Waterfall Teal Balayage
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Source: @haleh_hairdesign

17. A Lob and Highlights

A Lob and Highlights
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Source: @pratpartners

18. Blonde Medium Hair

Blonde Medium Hair
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Source: @studio54hairlounge

19. Blonde Shaggy Hair

Blonde Shaggy Hair
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Source: @glamour_estilistas

20. Brown Hair with Shadow Root

Brown Hair with Shadow Root
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Source: @hollie_salon_907

21. Brown Wavy Hair

Brown Wavy Hair
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Source: @m.tonhajzerova

22. Medium Hair

Medium Hair
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Source: @studio54hairlounge

23. Medium Hairstyles

Medium Hairstyles
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Source: @desascheffer

24. Medium Layered Haircut 2021

Medium Layered Haircut 2021 1
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Source: @marta.halamova

25. Mullet Hair

Mullet Hair
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Source: @hoshiyuta

26. Perm Natural Brown

Perm Natural Brown
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27. Steel Blue Balayage

Steel Blue Balayage
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Source: @chiyukihair

28. Textured Long Bob

Textured Long Bob
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Source: @amandadrhair

29. Texturized Layers

Texturized Layers
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Source: @denise.marie79