Cute Japanese Short Haircuts for Girls 2020

Japanese culture has its own style, and the Japanese style is unique, fresh, fashionable, including their hair. When it comes to hairstyles in Japanese culture, don’t be afraid to try something new.

You will find that the Japanese take good care of themselves, not only in terms of health, but also visually. You can find the craziest haircut selection in Japan, from funky to kawaii. Most Japanese women spend hours in the morning with their hair. In fact, they spend a large portion of their income on regular hair care. However, all of this results in some of the cutest styles!

The top 20 Japanese short hairstyles for girls are as follows! Do you want a nice short haircut? Convince yourself of the most beautiful short hair! Check out our favorite Japanese short haircuts and find a hairstyle you might want to try for yourself.

1. Bob Haircut Highlights

Bob Haircut Highlights
Source: @aheadhairmedia

2. Golden Bob

Golden Bob
Source: @aheadhairmedia

3. Pink Straight Bangs Bob

Pink Straight Bangs Bob
Source: @aheadhairmedia

4. Japanese Textured Bob Haircut

Japanese Textured Bob Haircut
Source: @reyhairstylist

5. Face Framing Highlights

Face Framing Highlights
Source: @aheadhairmedia

6. Black and Flaxen Highlights

Black and Flaxen Highlights
Source: @aheadhairmedia

7. Gold Highlights

Gold Highlights
Source: @aheadhairmedia

8. Asian Pixie Cut

Asian Pixie Cut
Source: @short_tsuga

9. Soft Bob

Soft Bob
Source: @ina.short

10. Pixie Cut without Bangs

Pixie Cut without Bangs
Source: @katsumiyoshino

11. Side Bangs Bob

Side Bangs Bob
Source: @emigon33

12. Simple Pixie Cut

Simple Pixie
Source: @aheadhairmedia

13. Orange Highlights & Neat Bang

Orange Highlights Neat Bang
Source: @aheadhairmedia

14. Colorful Medium Hair

Colorful Medium Hair
Source: @aheadhairmedia

15. Blue Highlights

Blue Highlights
Source: @aheadhairmedia

16. Green Blue Highlights

Green Blue Highlights
Source: @aheadhairmedia

17. Yellow Mix

Yellow Mix
Source: @koh_eric

18. Curly Short Hair

Curly Short Hair
Source: @fran_says

19. Pink Hair

Pink Hair
Source: @suzuceremony

20. Edgy Harajuku Fashion

Edgy Harajuku Fashion
Source: @jade_chim