Best Short Hairstyles for Women to Look Cool This Year

Taking the step and cutting your hair may seem like a scary prospect, but there’s nothing like a good haircut to bring tired ends to life, move around for a long time and, of course, take a look. It is not surprising that we have this problem when we take a toxic break or change jobs: the power of a short haircut lies in our ability to feel completely new and ready to go out into the world.

Short hairstyles are a timeless style that is used by fashionistas throughout the country. Whether you are reinventing your style, creating a striking appearance, losing weight, or just trying something more minimalist and freer, short hairstyles can be intoxicating and unique, and shorter ends mean less styling time and fewer hair disasters.

Although short hair is certainly easier to handle in winter (more hair in your scarf, yes!) And it’s nice not to have sweaty hair in your neck during warmer months, cutting is becoming increasingly popular.

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Source: Instagram @dead.but.pretty