Best Short Hair Cut Styles That Are Simply Gorgeous

Short hairstyles can be intimidating, especially if it means saying goodbye to your ponytail. We ask Jen Atkin, a celebrity stylist at Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, to transform three FITNESS readers and show that short hairstyles can be as beautiful as long hair, but with less effort.

Recently more and more women are starting to create fresh, fantastic and modern short hairstyles. Short hairstyles can be created and maintained effortlessly, saving you a lot of washing and wrapping time. Combine short hairstyles with skinny jeans or an elegant jacket. Short hair is very charming and elegant. The elegant short hairstyle that you can choose based on age, lifestyle and hair texture.

View the most popular short hairstyles for women and the latest ideas for short hair. Discover the sources of inspiration for fairies and short cultures, from stars such as Lupita Nyong’o to Lena Dunham. Click on our gallery with 36 short hairstyles for women who have made a career and find the perfect fit for the shape of their face.

short haircuts
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