Best Pixie Haircuts for Short Hair to Refresh Your Style

Pixie cuts are still popular and the selection of fresh and colorful ways to wear short hair is increasing every year! The colors of the rainbow are a big trend and the addition of unusual new tones such as silver and dove-gray really refreshed blonde pixies. Yellow hair with an orange stitch sounds striking, but if you look at the image below, you know how cute and golden it can be. The brown hues look fantastic with intense colors such as oil, magenta, electric blue, silver and forest green. Then read on and discover how you can give your pixie cut!

For too long we had the wrong idea that it had to be some sort of political statement or an angry act to keep it short. This may be the case, but the outdated belief that long hair is the last symbol of femininity can no longer be true. Short hair stands for personal style and expression, as well as a strong lipstick or nail polish. Yet it can be intimidating to look for a complete gnome.

The art of making a beautiful gnome is as simple as finding the right style that fits your face. Choose between pixie cuts that are long, short, asymmetrical, shaved, or with bangs, to find your perfect “range”. Use the length to balance oval and round face shapes, bangs to soften sharp functions and short styles to expose delicate faces.

pixie hairstyle
Source: Instagram @shorthairstyle__
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