Best Ombre Hair Color for Short Hair 2021

Short hair is definitely a trend and a color. Your short hair can give you life. From the pixie to bob, we see a ton of ideas for a different look and that’s the celebrity level. But some cool hair colors are never added to the hairstyle to make it stand out and get your attention.

If you have beautiful short hair and are looking for inspiration, your style code might be just what you’re looking for. Ombre is a hair technology that blends one color seamlessly with another, and it can be an incredibly beautiful and gorgeous haircut!

Short hair color gradually changes from one color to another in short hair. Long hair with short hair is gaining popularity. Jump into one of the most enduring color trends and go for one of these popular short hair ideas! Bright, blonde, caramel, gloomy, even blue, whatever style you have, short ombre hair is looking for you. We love the ombre style for short hair. Here is our favorite short haircut to give you maximum inspiration.

1. Ash Lavender

Ash Lavender
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Source: @melissaliondini

2. Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt Cut Bob
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Source: @sarahgeorgeson_hair

3. Gray Ombre

Gray Ombre
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Source: @crystaldquach

4. Natural Root Melted into Pastel Peach and Purple Ends

Natural Root Melted into Pastel Peach and Purple Ends
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Source: @lolly.vdb

5. Ombre Short Bob Hair

Ombre Short Bob Hair
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Source: @lucas.boaretto

6. Ombre Short Hair

Ombre Short Hair
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Source: @magdalena_ryba

7. Short Balayage Ombre

Short Balayage Ombre
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Source: @lindseyallynhair

8. Short Blonde Ombre Hair

Short Blonde Ombre Hair
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Source: @agata_bizon

9. Short Hair Ombre

Short Hair Ombre
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Source: @chopitoff

10. Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles
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Source: @beautybyjhodinski

11. Smokey Silver Ombre

Smokey Silver Ombre
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Source: @kearbeauty

12. Warm Hair Colors

Warm Hair Colors
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Source: @francesco_group_poole

13. Wavy Ombre Blue Hair

Wavy Ombre Blue Hair
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Source: @gata_getfaded

14. Blue Hair

Blue Hair
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Source: @rhiannon.campbell

15. Blue Ombre Bob

Blue Ombre Bob
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Source: @bbombshellsalon

16. Creative Color

Creative Color
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Source: @hairby_dinara

17. Ombre Pixie Cut

Ombre Pixie Cut
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Source: @rtaigen

18. Painted Highlights

Painted Highlights
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Source: @sookisookz

19. Pastel Pink Pixie

Pastel Pink Pixie
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Source: @ballocks_

20. Pink and Purple Hair

Pink and Purple Hair
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Source: @topknotsalonco

21. Pixie Cut Lighter Hair

Pixie Cut Lighter Hair
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Source: @katjamarial

22. Purple Hair

Purple Hair
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Source: @bellahair_makeup

23. Purple Ombre

Purple Ombre
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Source: @topknotsalonco

24. Short Hair Ombre 2021

Short Hair Ombre 2021
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Source: @vizavoo

25. Short Hair Ombre

Short Hair Ombre 1
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Source: @short_haircuts

26. Short Haircuts with Root Melt

Short Haircuts with Root Melt
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Source: @keepitstyled

27. Sunlight Kiss

Sunlight Kiss
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Source: @michael.colourist

28. Yellow and Blonde

Yellow and Blonde
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Source: @heatherdeirala

29. Wavy Ombre Pink Hair

Wavy Ombre Pink Hair
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Source: @glamhairbyruth