Best Choppy Inverted Bob That You Must Try in 2021

The inverted bob is the ultimate woman with long hair front and back. The stylish, sexy and modern inverted bob hairstyle works for all hair textures, lengths and types, including thick, thin, wavy and curly hair. Also called an inverted bob, women can opt for a short stacked bob, a medium layered cut or just plain long inverted hair.

Styles can even include bangs and various styling ideas so you can tailor your small or large bob to suit your personality. To get the look, you just need to find the perfect strain for you. To help you get that cute and edgy haircut.

An inverted bob haircut is a fashionable variation in the length of the classic bob haircut. It has a longer front and frames a woman’s face to make it look slimmer. The layers are shortened towards the back and make them fuller. Bob’s haircut doesn’t always look modern and formal. You can be as temporary and impatient as you like.

1. Black Classic Bob

Black Classic Bob
Source: @iam.shorthair

2. Blonde Classic Bob

Blonde Classic Bob
Source: @rambutbob

3. Blonde Inverted Bob

Blonde Inverted Bob 1
Source: @rambutbob

4. Classic Bob

Classic Bob 1
Source: @rambutseries

5. Cute Inverted Bob

Cute Inverted Bob
Source: @rambutcollection

6. Gorgeous Purple Hair

Gorgeous Purple Hair
Source: @lisciostylessalon

7. Grey Bob Haircut

Grey Bob Haircut
Source: @rambutbob

8. Grey Inverted Bob 2021

Grey Inverted Bob 2021
Source: @rambutbob

9. High Inverted Bob with Highlight

High Inverted Bob with Highlight
Source: @sinohair

10. Inverted Bob with Shadow Root

Inverted Bob with Shadow Root
Source: @rambutseries

11. Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob
Source: @mighty_mouse267

12. Red Inverted Bob

Red Inverted Bob
Source: @rambutbob

13. Sassy Blonde

Sassy Blonde
Source: @pink_andbalayaged

14. Short Inverted Bob

Short Inverted Bob 1
Source: @rambutbob

15. Side Parted Lob Haircut

Side Parted Lob Haircut
Source: @rambutseries

16. Side Parting Inverted Bob

Side Parting Inverted Bob
Source: @rambutseries

17. Silver Inverted Bob

Silver Inverted Bob
Source: @rambutseries

18. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob
Source: @bobspiration

19. Yellow Bob

Yellow Bob
Source: @nomoreboringhair

20. Angeled Classic Bob

Angeled Classic Bob
Source: @iam.shorthair

21. Base Highlight Tone

Base Highlight Tone
Source: @jenami.artistry

22. Big Side Parting Bob Haircut

Big Side Parting Bob Haircut
Source: @curtoumchanel

23. Black Inverted Bob

Black Inverted Bob 1
Source: @iam.shorthair

24. Blonde Bob Cut

Blonde Bob Cut
Source: @rambutbob

25. Dusty Pink

Dusty Pink
Source: @hairbymorgz

26. Extreme Bob

Extreme Bob
Source: @rosedoesmyhair

27. Golden Inverted Bob

Golden Inverted Bob
Source: @rambutbob

28. Inverted Bob with Highlights

Inverted Bob with Highlights
Source: @munnandco_

29. Pink Inverted Bob

Pink Inverted Bob
Source: @j4deshairandbeauty

30. Shaved Inverted Bob

Sheved Inverted Bob
Source: @iam.shorthair

31. Short Inverted Bob

Short Inverted Bob 2
Source: @rambutcollection

32. Side Parting Lob Haircut

Side Parting Lob Haircut
Source: @rambutbob

33. Blonde Classic Bob

Blonde Classic Bob 1
Source: @rambutbob

34. Chunky Highlight

Chunky Highlight
Source: @larougesalon1

35. Inverted Bob with Highlight

Inverted Bob with Highlight
Source: @hairbyjanetbiggers

36. Red Under Cut

Red Under Cut
Source: @rambutbob

37. Short Bob

Short Bob 1
Source: @rambutbob