Amazing Brown Hair with Highlights to Inspire Your Prom Look

Straying away from the strong and colorful of the summer, brown hair with blonde highlights. Brown hair with blonde curls not only looks natural and warm, but also favors most types of skin and hair. The golden layers are drawn by a natural brown color and harmonize with the tranquil sunsets and the devastating autumn leaves.

Brown hair is magical because it suits everyone. Regardless of the type and texture of the hair or the color of your eyes or skin, brown hair looks good. In short, it is a universally flattering hair color, perfect for the highlights of the summer.

Conveniently, you don’t have to worry about discoloration, because over time, the blonde effortlessly camouflages your natural hair color, making it a practical hairstyle for women. The blonde and brown hair finally fits perfectly. Reflections naturally give the hair a degree of volume and depth that did not exist before. Do not hesitate to experiment with this type of color if you have never had this hairstyle.

Source: Instagram / @styledbyelie
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