60 Incredible Wedding Hairstyles Updos & Half Up Half Down & More

The perfect bridal hairstyle on the big day is perhaps the least important thing on the never-ending wedding list. But for us, the hairstyle is just as important as the ring, the dress and the venue. So important, in fact, that we spent months looking for simple, artistic wedding hairstyles – after all, your look is everything!

Your wedding hairstyles don’t have to be boring, drab or traditional. On the contrary, they can be trendy, elegant and fresh! From long, loose waves to braids and quilts, we’ve listed the best wedding hairstyles of the moment that suit all face shapes, textures and hair lengths. Some of these looks are sure to please you, so why wait until your wedding day to try them out?

Everyone worries about the wedding dress. You might say it’s the start of the day that should never change. But once you have chosen a dress, suit, skirt, pants or whatever, the next question is how you want to style your hair. Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be a stressful process (especially since we’re all stuck and can’t just plan!)

From finding a venue, choosing a menu, to the all-important wedding dress, there are a million things to consider! But if you still haven’t found the right hairstyle for your big day, don’t worry: we’ve found 60 perfect wedding bridal hairstyles. The list of bridal hairstyles seems to take into account a lot of factors: with or without a veil, the style of the dress, the wind speed… not to mention following the trend. All the bride has to do is take off her hair. So if you want to spend your big day with your bridal hairstylist, we’ll build it for you.

1. Beach Waves Hairstyle

Beach Waves Hairstyle
Credit: @kaelynchristine.hair

2. Blonde Updo

Blonde Updo 2
Credit: @clairehartleystylist

3. Blonde Updo

Blonde Updo
Credit: @josemiguelstyles

4. Boho Bridal Style

Boho Bridal Style
Credit: @staciegoodwinbridal

5. Boho Style

Boho Style
Credit: @karolinalangowskamakeup

6. Bridal Boho Vibes

Bridal Boho Vibes
Credit: @sophistic_hair

7. Bridesmaids

Credit: @timea_breban

8. Classic Bridal Hairstyle

Classic Bridal Hairstyle
Credit: @theweddinghaircompany

9. Classy Blonde Hair

Classy Blonde Hair
Credit: @theweddinghaircompany

10. Easy Bun

Easy Bun
Credit: @luxehairbyaj

11. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
Credit: @harymay_bridalhairandmakeup

12. Half Up Half Down Style

Half Up Half Down Style
Credit: @hair_makeupbysteph

13. Messy Updo Hairstyle

Messy Updo Hairstyle
Credit: @josemiguelstyles

14. Pink Ponytails

Pink Ponytails
Credit: @stephaniealexandrabridal

15. Pink Wedding Hairstyle

Pink Wedding Hairstyle
Credit: @angelicaromanianhairstylist

16. Purple Messy Updos

Purple Messy Updos
Credit: @jennymitchhair

17. Romantic Half Up Styles

Romantic Half Up Styles
Credit: @sarahmeredithmakeup

18. Rustic Wedding Hairstyles

Rustic Wedding Hairstyles
Credit: @theweddinghaircompany

19. Tousled Up Half Ups

Tousled Up Half Ups
Credit: @katherineraebeauty

20. Updo Wedding Hairstyle

Updo Wedding Hairstyle
Credit: @josemiguelstyles

21. Wavy Blonde Hair

Wavy Blonde Hair
Credit: @veselovatskaya_nastia

22. 2021 Wedding Hairstyle

2021 Wedding Hairstyle
Credit: @justinalexander

23. Black Wedding Hair

Black Wedding Hair
Credit: @the_side_porch

24. Blonde Blonde Hair

Blonde Blonde Hair
Credit: @lucas.keuneakademia

25. Blonde Textured Bun

Blonde Textured Bun
Credit: @bridalbysarahroberts

26. Boho Updo Wedding Hair

Boho Updo Wedding Hair
Credit: @styled.byjordan

27. Easy Hairstyles Buns

Easy Hairstyles Buns
Credit: @entre_elle_20

28. Fishtail Wedding Hairstyle

Fishtail Wedding Hairstyle
Credit: @antrenzas

29. Grey Wedding Hairstyles

Grey Wedding Hairstyles
Credit: @jennymitchhair

30. Lace Rope Braid into Ponytail

Lace Rope Braid into Ponytail
Credit: @josephianson

31. Loose Updo

Loose Updo
Credit: @creationsbykristie

32. Messy Wedding Hair

Messy Wedding Hair
Credit: @anna_hoerner_

33. Messy Wedding Hairstyles

Messy Wedding Hairstyles
Credit: @theweddinghaircompany

34. Pink Wedding Hairstyles

Pink Wedding Hairstyles
Credit: @kathleenr.hair

35. Simple Textured Bun

Simple Textured Bun
Credit: @milestone.beauty

36. Textured Bun

Textured Bun
Credit: @timea_breban

37. Textured Low Bundle Curls

Textured Low Bundle Curls.
Credit: @perettihill

38. Twists Turns and Ropes

Twists Turns and Ropes
Credit: @styles_by_chelsea_x

39. Updo Bridal Hairstyles

Updo Bridal Hairstyles
Credit: @makeupbyklo

40. Updo Hairstyles

Updo Hairstyles
Credit: @emmas_curls_and_pins

41. Updo Wedding Hair

Updo Wedding Hair
Credit: @evalynparsonsweddings

42. Wedding Hairstyle with Buns

Wedding Hairstyle with Buns
Credit: @alyona_beauty_muah

43. Beaded Bridal Hair

Beaded Bridal Hair
Credit: @haircomesthebride

44. Blonde Curl Hair

Blonde Curl Hair
Credit: @amandavillahair

45. Boho Braid Hair

Boho Braid Hair
Credit: @wedding_hairdresser

46. Boho Princess

Boho Princess
Credit: @slacouturehair

47. Bridal Updos

Bridal Updos
Credit: @hairbydonnabarbados

48. Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid
Credit: @ilonahanni

49. Long Wedding Hairstyles

Long Wedding Hairstyles
Credit: @hairartistjess

50. Low Bun Boho Updo

Low Bun Boho Updo
Credit: @staciegoodwinbridal

51. Low Bun Hair

Low Bun Hair
Credit: @timea_breban

52. Pink Wedding Hairstyles

Pink Wedding Hairstyles 1
Credit: @tonigogola_weddinghair

53. Romantic Ponytail

Romantic Ponytail
Credit: @jodycallanhair

54. Romantic Updo

Romantic Updo
Credit: @locks.n.lips.justhair

55. Sleek Beauty

Sleek Beauty
Credit: @haircraftcyprus

56. Stylish and Simple Wedding Hairstyle

Stylish and Simple Wedding Hairstyle
Credit: @blown.in

57. Textured Bun

Textured Bun 1
Credit: @lisaalgeracademy

58. Updo Hairstyles

Updo Hairstyles 1
Credit: @lilywhair

59. Wedding Hairstyles 2021

Wedding Hairstyles 2021
Credit: @olga_denysko_makeup

60. Wedding Updo

Wedding Updo
Credit: @zhanna_syniavska