57 Latest Low Fade Haircut for Men That You Must Try

A fade is lower for whites, blacks, Latinos and Asians. All you need to know and decide is what kind of fade you are going to get on the sides.

Low fade haircuts are a classic hairstyling technique for men that is used to give a man’s hair an edgy and style. The hair on each side of the head gradually falls to the bottom of the head. The low fade is also incredibly versatile and you can combine it with other men’s hairstyles such as the flaming, hawk and side parting.

Low fade hairstyles, as well as high and medium fade hairstyles, are still the most popular way for men to cut their hair on both sides. Because low fade hairstyles are versatile, they can be added to any men’s hairstyle: short, long, curly or straight. For example, you can ask your hairdresser to give you a short fade on the back and sides to contrast with your long hair on top of your head.

Low fade haircuts are probably the most popular fade style. From short to long and all types of hairstyles for men, they all look great. A fade haircut is not cleaner and the fading is low, which means you can go longer weeks between cuts.

1. Black Low Fade

Black Low Fade
Credit: @joaobarber97

2. Blonde Taper Fades

Blonde Taper Fades
Credit: @cuts_by_nelly_

3. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut
Credit: @hass_the_barber

4. Color Hair

Color Hair
Credit: @rafaellolli_oficial

5. Curly Hair Low Fade

Curly Hair Low Fade
Credit: @luan_cortes_ofc

6. Fade Hairstyle

Fade Hairstyle
Credit: @thdocortte

7. High Fade 2021

High Fade 2021
Credit: @sami_barbershop

8. High Fade 2021

High Fade 2021 1
Credit: @classic_cut1

9. High Fade

High Fade
Credit: @barbershop_azr

10. Low Fade

Low Fade 2
Credit: @blendzbyjordan

11. Low Fade 2021

Low Fade 2021
Credit: @diaz_barbeiro

12. Low Fade Short Hair

Low Fade Short Hair
Credit: @rmilkbarber

13. Low Fade

Low Fade
Credit: @robjmatthews

14. Medium Fade

Medium Fade
Credit: @sami_barbershop

15. Mid Fade for Men

Mid Fade for Men
Credit: @_juniwbarber

16. Pink Fade Haircut

Pink Fade Haircut
Credit: @keviinlean.official

17. Sharp Fade

Sharp Fade
Credit: @hairstyling_bodi

18. Skin Fade

Skin Fade
Credit: @del_fades820

19. Skin Fade 2021

Skin Fade 2021
Credit: @guerodee_barber

20. Skin Fade

Skin Fade
Credit: @guchikutz

21. Barber Fade

Barber Fade
Credit: @junin__brabo

22. Black Hair Low Fade

Black Hair Low Fade
Credit: @

23. Black Low Fade

Black Low Fade 1
Credit: @rfbarberclub

24. Cool Low Fade

Cool Low Fade
Credit: @weslenbarbeiro

25. Curly Low Fade

Curly Low Fade
Credit: @fadedbyisaac_

26. Fade Spain

Fade Spain
Credit: @thebarberpost.peru_

27. Low Fade

Low Fade 5
Credit: @isakdias

28. Low Fade

Low Fade 4
Credit: @lakerbarber

29. Low Fade 2021

Low Fade 2021 2
Credit: @romin_hairstyle

30. Low Fade 2021

Low Fade 2021 1
Credit: @fyru_barber

31. Low Fade Haircut

Low Fade Haircut
Credit: @mundobarber.co

32. Low Fade Style

Low Fade Style
Credit: @fxbarbers

33. Low fade w Slick Back

Low fade w slick back
Credit: @ronniethebarber1

34. Low Faded Haircut

Low Faded Haircut
Credit: @sadeght_tanhaei

35. Medium Fade

Medium Fade 1
Credit: @hairstylsmen

36. Sharp Fade

Sharp Fade 3
Credit: @gladstonbarber

37. Sharp Low Fade

Sharp Low Fade
Credit: @jhon_oliveiras

38. Taper Fade for Men

Taper Fade for Men
Credit: @arman.gharaati

39. Black Fade Haircut

Black Fade Haircut
Credit: @iaguin_do_corte

40. Black Low Fade

Black Low Fade 2
Credit: @tue_barbeeeer

41. Blue Low Fade

Blue Low Fade
Credit: @rafaellolli_oficial

42. Double Masked Daddy

Double Masked Daddy
Credit: @polymathtaylor

43. Drop Fade

Drop Fade
Credit: @cs_barbertist

44. Great Low Fade

Great Low Fade
Credit: @lemuelsanches

45. Low Fade 2

Low Fade 2 1
Credit: @leobarbers_

46. Low Fade 2021

Low Fade 2021 2 1
Credit: @thebarberpost.peru_

47. Low Fade 2021

Low Fade 2021 3
Credit: @julianthebarber90

48. Low Fade Haircut 2021

Low Fade Haircut 2021
Credit: @keviinlean.official

49. Low Fade Style

Low Fade Style 1
Credit: @thebarberalvaro

50. Low Fade

Low Fade 1
Credit: @jhow_crt

51. Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade
Credit: @kutzbykaran

52. Mid Fade

Mid Fade
Credit: @larablendz

53. Pink Low Fade

Pink Low Fade
Credit: @barbeiro.sheik

54. Silver Fade Haircut

Silver Fade Haircut
Credit: @luiz_jilher_barber

55. Silver Low Fade

Silver Low Fade
Credit: @thebarberpost.peru_

56. Skin Low Fade

Skin Low Fade
Credit: @hugo_hr_barber

57. Taper Low Fade

Taper Low Fade
Credit: @hass_the_barber