52 Latest Summer Hair Colors for 2020

Summer is the best time for a makeover, as you can enjoy your no-makeup look with a brand new shade livening up your sunny look. Make sure to see these shades: they’re a perfect match for beachy waves and tanned skin!

Summer is the season for breezy dresses, icy treats, and, more often than not, ponytails—simply because they’re easy and keep your neck cool. But this is the time to step outside your comfort zone. From emerging Instagram trends to runway and red carpet styles that are bound to take off in real life, we’re predicting these seven looks will be everywhere for summer 2020.

Keep scrolling for some summer hairstyle inspiration so you’re ready whenever the temps start to rise, we’re sharing 52 summer hair trends, so you can have your best summer hair for 2020.

Latest Summer Hair Colors for 2020 01
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