50 Medium Length Hairstyles for Women with Winning Looks in 2021

Compared to other hairstyles, medium length hairstyles are more attractive and fashionable for women. If you want an elegant look, you can opt for a layered hairstyle. With stylish layers of different length, you can also frame both sides of your face at the same time. For girls who like a light and fresh style, it can be a good idea to cut some moderate layers in your mythical Medium length hair.

Medium length haircut means versatility and plenty of styling options for women of all hair types, including fine and thick hair and women of all ages. Medium length hair is also more fun to style because it is neither too short nor too long. Women with different facial features can choose from many beautiful styles with this length.

A medium haircut is ideal for women who want a little more room for styling, but not too short. If you’re looking for your next medium length hairstyle, you’ll find it in this list, whether you’re looking for trendy color inspiration or a new way to trim your ends.

1. Baby Highlights

Baby Highlights
Credit: @betty_prohairstylist

2. Balayage Ombre Hair

Balayage Ombre Hair
Credit: @comb_salon

3. Black Medium Haircut

Black Medium Haircut
Credit: @crishairr

4. Blonde Curtain Bangs

Blonde Curtain Bangs
Credit: @vivian_vallone_hair

5. Blonde Medium Haircut

Blonde Medium Haircut
Credit: @jesstpiercey

6. Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Blonde Wavy Hairstyle
Credit: @rebellecentrodegradejoelle

7. Bronde Balayaged Hair

Bronde Balayaged Hair
Credit: @carriemarginian_hair

8. Bronde Medium Haircut

Bronde Medium Haircut
Credit: @l33hairartistry

9. Chopped Medium Hair

Chopped Medium Hair
Credit: @call_me_ezgi

10. Curly Colored Hair

Curlyh Colored Hair
Credit: @alexamaykup

11. High Balayage

High Balayage
Credit: @haarwaerch

12. Korean Medium Length Hairstyles

Korean Medium Length Hairstyles
Credit: @reyhairstylist

13. Light Brunette

Light Brunette
Credit: @crishairr

14. Medium Layered Haircut

Medium Layered haircut 2
Credit: @rhandy_art

15. Medium Layered Haircut

Medium Layered Haircut
Credit: @boseoungkim

16. Medium Rainbow Hair

Medium Rainbow Hair
Credit: @live.n.let.dye

17. Medium Waves Haircut

Medium Waves Haircut
Credit: @creative_team_parrucchieri

18. Navy Blue Black

Navy Blue Black
Credit: @azumicali

19. Purple Hair Shadow Root

Purple Hair Shadow Root
Credit: @shearbeautybychristina

20. Red Medium Haircut

Red Medium Haircut
Credit: @fer_tapia_del_valle

21. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair 3
Credit: @kolorflowbeauty

22. Toned Galaxy Hair

Toned Galaxy Hair
Credit: @live.n.let.dye

23. Waves Ice Hair

Waves Ice Hair
Credit: @martina.rizzo_hair_stylist

24. Wavy Lob

Wavy Lob
Credit: @rebellecentrodegradejoelle

25. Wavy Medium Hair

Wavy Medium Hair
Credit: @amber_wrench

26. Ash Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde Hair
Credit: @rebellecentrodegradejoelle

27. Balayage Medium Haircut

Balayage Medium Haircut
Credit: @hairwithflair1_dedham

28. Big Chop

Big Chop
Credit: @jennicarenebeauty

29. Black Medium Haircut

Black Medium Haircut 1
Credit: @brittanyslatenjohnshair

30. Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights
Credit: @hairbytoridellapolla

31. Chocolate Brown Hair

Chocolate Brown Hair
Credit: @rmghairartistry

32. Creamy Highlights

Creamy Highlights
Credit: @marieclaire.mylapore

33. Dark Brown Hair

Dark Brown Hair 2
Credit: @hairstylist_yuliia

34. Dark Brown Hair

Dark Brown Hair
Credit: @hairstylist_yuliia

35. Dimensional Bronde Hair

Dimensional Bronde Hair
Credit: @grettabradford.hair

36. Ginger Hair

Ginger Hair
Credit: @pracowniaanitaskrzypska

37. Medium Blunt Haircut

Medium Blunt Haircut
Credit: @rhandy_art

38. Medium Curtain Bangs

Medium Curtain Bangs
Credit: @glambyvanshika

39. Medium Roas

Medium Roas
Credit: @ellen_brunsmann

40. New Medium Haircut

New Medium Haircut
Credit: @livingajoyfilledjourney

41. Nontoxic Hair

Nontoxic Hair
Credit: @chelsbrott

42. Orange Copper Hair

Orange Copper Hair
Credit: @sebastian.gatea

43. Orange Medium Haircut

Orange Medium Haircut
Credit: @dianafloreahairdresser

44. Pink Wavy Medium Haircut

Pink Wavy Medium Haircut
Credit: @irishkabelogurova

45. Soft Shag Haircut

Soft Shag Haircut
Credit: @notcoolbeauty

46. Winter Sun Kissed Hair

Winter Sun Kissed Hair
Credit: @rebellecentrodegradejoelle

47. Asian Medium Haircut

Asian Medium Haircut
Credit: @kk_the156

48. Brown Wavy Hairstyle

Brown Wavy Hairstyle
Credit: @harleycolors3030

49. Brunette Medium Haircut

Brunette Medium Haircut
Credit: @reka_ott

50. Wavy Highlights Hair

Wavy Highlights Hair
Credit: @ardhikris88