50 Latest Short Hairstyles for Women for 2021

Short hairstyles for women are styled and fall between pixie and bob hairstyles starting at the neck length. Short hair gives a thicker look and there are many styles to choose from. For women, short hair can be a big dilemma, especially for owners with long and thick hair. To be honest, don’t be afraid to experiment. If you don’t like the short hairstyle, you can get your long hair back in a few months.

Short hairstyle for women is one of the most fashionable, attractive and easy to maintain. It gives you a look that enhances your style. These looks are suitable for women of all ages and can be ideal for fashionistas and career women. These hairstyles are stylish and trendy, easy to do and in keeping with current fashion. When looking for a hairstyle, you should choose one that suits your face shape, physique and overall style that suits your personality.

Short hair gives women a freedom of shape and appearance that they cannot even dream of. In fact, wearing short hair in 2021 is a trend that has taken over the list of women around the world, you may know why you want a short hairstyle, but sometimes you need more inspiration before making a final decision. Here are some of the most popular short hairstyles among women today and some interesting ideas on how to style them.

1. Blonde Short Hair

Blonde Short Hair
Credit: @rebeccaleestyle

2. Blonde Side Shaved Hair

Blonde Side Shaved Hair
Credit: @rambutpixie

3. Blue Pixie Haircut

Blue Pixie Haircut
Credit: @short_hair_sweethearts

4. Brown Bob Haircuts

Brown Bob Haircuts
Credit: @hotsaucehair

5. Short Hairstyle
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6. Messy Bob Style

Messy Bob Style
Credit: @kapsalonstudioh2o

7. Middle Parting Blonde Balayage

Middle Parting Blonde Balayage
Credit: @hairbybrittanyy

8. Pixie Hair

Pixie Hair 2
Credit: @coupesdecheveuxoriginales

9. Platinum Bob Hair

Platinum Bob Hair
Credit: @louisa_mazzurana

10. Purple Wave Curls

Purple Wave Curls
Credit: @coletteatlantamasterstylist

11. Red Colored Hair

Red Colored Hair
Credit: @melaniecamora

12. Short Blonde Bob

Short Blonde Bob
Credit: @haaremitstil

13. Short Brunette Hair

Short Brunette Hair
Credit: @agniesiaa87

14. Short Hair Balayage

Short Hair Balayage
Credit: @hairbyyolandamichelle

15. Short Pixie Hair 2021

Short Pixie Hair 2021
Credit: @loeckchen_08

16. Short Pixie Hair

Short Pixie Hair
Credit: @aheadhairmedia

17. Short Pixie Haircut

Short Pixie Haircut
Credit: @jordi_renee

18. Short Pixie Hairstyles

Short Pixie Hairstyles
Credit: @htjustis

19. Short Platinum Pixie Hair

Short Platinum Pixie Hair
Credit: @stacyjreedexperience

20. Short Purple Hair 2021

Short Purple Hair 2021
Credit: @xusagishirox

21. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair 1
Credit: @whenhairymetmissy

22. Sweet Blonde Highlights

Sweet Blonde Highlights
Credit: @bekouti.official

23. Wavy Short Hair

Wavy Short Hair
Credit: @fhaces_by_stefhanie

24. Wavy Soft Waves

Wavy Soft Waves
Credit: @808_hair

25. White Hair Color

White Hair Color
Credit: @coupesdecheveuxoriginales

26. Winter Blonde Hair

Winter Blonde Hair
Credit: @chelsea_cuts

27. Angled Bob Hair

Angled Bob Hair
Credit: @nomoreboringhair

28. Black Short Hair

Black Short Hair
Credit: @iziewest

29. Blue Rainbow Hair Color

Blue Rainbow Hair Color
Credit: @kg_hair_salon

30. Cosplay Sexy Blonde Hair

Cosplay Sexy Blonde Hair
Credit: @angelabermudezb

31. French Blunt Cut

French Blunt Cut
Credit: @jairocalvog

32. Icy Blonde Hair

Icy Blonde Hair
Credit: @mamawest_

33. Platinum Blonde Blunt Bob

Platinumblo nde Blunt Bob
Credit: @kaiquefavaretto

34. Red Pixie Haircut

Red Pixie Haircut
Credit: @revina_nata

35. Short Black Bob Hair

Short Black Bob Hair
Credit: @stacyhsuhsu

36. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair 2
Credit: @ivacelett

37. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair
Credit: @nat_fit430

38. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair 1
Credit: @anzis.za

39. Short Brown Hair

Short Brown Hair 1
Credit: @liss_ariana18

40. Short Lob Haircut

Short Lob Haircut
Credit: @squaresalonlv

41. Short Orange Hair

Short Orange Hair 2
Credit: @ambermcmahen

42. Short Orange Hair

Short Orange Hair
Credit: @aldosegoviaartist

43. Short Pixie Hair

Short Pixie Hair 1
Credit: @curtinhobrasil

44. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair 2
Credit: @casefile.jpg

45. Short Side Parting Hair

Short Side Parting Hair
Credit: @fitbrit1914

46. Short Textured Haircut

Short Textured Haircut
Credit: @zoieroman

47. Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair
Credit: @daraveillette

48. Silver Blunt Bob

Silver Blunt Bob
Credit: @dutchs.hair.design

49. Wavy Blonde Hair

Wavy Blonde Hair
Credit: @lilianmarqueez

50. Short Hair 2021

Short Hair 2021
Credit: @cortesdedivas