50 Classy Undercut Pixie Ideas That Makes You Pretty

An undercut pixie haircut is a great way to get an instant fashion look without having to invest in a lot of new clothes! These cool pixie cuts will give you a super, new image and easy to care hairstyle, complete in cut, color, texture and finish, so come in!

If you’ve ever wanted to try elf hair, these options will let you run to your stylist. Etching from ultra short and super blonde works of art and colors will dazzle you and the possibilities are endless. Try dark purple, or a variety of marshmallow crayons, or maybe stop purplish-red or platinum blonde shows.

When you think of undercut pixie, what comes to mind first? Short, most likely. Cute, cunning, sexy, sharp, lively. Interesting. How about the versatility? Although you may not think sprite cutting is versatile, it can, and there are many variations of pixie cut that can be done in several different ways.

Undercut pixie cut is very popular with women now, because it needs two very unique styles, a shaved back and a sprite coat, which are fused together to let the wearer really make their own style.

1. Blonde Undercut Pixie

Blonde Undercut Pixie
Credit: @boisebalayagegirl

2. Blue With The Fade

Blue With The Fade
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

3. Cool Platinum Pixie Cut

Cool Platinum Pixie Cut
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

4. Cropped Faded

Cropped Faded
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

5. Dark Pixie

Dark Pixie
Credit: @sonia_mascara

6. Faded Pixie

Faded Pixie
Credit: @shorthairfan20

7. Icy Undercut

Icy Undercut
Credit: @nicoletenerowicz

8. Pixie Fade

Pixie Fade 2
Credit: @mariatedue

9. Short Grey Pixie

Short Grey Pixie
Credit: @rockthatbuzz

10. Short Pink Pixie Cut

Short Pink Pixie Cut
Credit: @rockthatbuzz

11. Side Parting Undercut Pixie

Side Parting Undercut Pixie
Credit: @florapeixoto

12. Side Shave Cut

Side Shave Cut
Credit: @hellodivi

13. Tousled Pixie

Tousled Pixie
Credit: @momof1plustwo

14. Undercut Pixie 2021

Undercut Pixie 2021
Credit: @rockthatbuzz

15. Blonde Pixie Cut

Blonde Pixie Cut
Credit: @indie.yellow

16. Blonde Shaved Hair

Blonde Shaved Hair
Credit: @rockthatbuzz

17.Blue Hair

Blue Hair
Credit: @calandra.joshua

18. Blue Mullet

Blue Mullet
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

19. Blue Undercut Pixie

Blue Undercut Pixie
Credit: @rockthatbuzz

20. Faded Hair

Faded Hair
Credit: @rockthatbuzz

21. Modern Pixie Bowl Cut

Modern Pixie Bowl Cut
Credit: @rockthatbuzz

22. Pink Undercut Pixie

Pink Undercut Pixie
Credit: @kurze.haare.frauen

23. Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob
Credit: @jejojejo87

24. Platinum Leopard Pixie

Platinum Leopard Pixie
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

25. Platinum Hair

Platinum Hair
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

26. Platinum Textured Pixie

Platinum Textured Pixie
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

27. Platinum Undercut Pixie Bowl

Platinum Undercut Pixie Bowl
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

28. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair
Credit: @lcs.hairdesign

29. Short Faded Pixie

Short Faded Pixie
Credit: @shorthairfan20

30. Stunning Undercut Pixie

Stunning Undercut Pixie
Credit: @rockthatbuzz

31. Beautiful Pixie Cut

Beautiful Pixie Cut
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

32. Blonde Pixie with Side Parting

Blonde Pixie with Side Parting
Credit: @lcs.hairdesign

33. Brown Undercut Pixie

Brown Undercut Pixie
Credit: @mariahairartist

34. Dark Undercut Pixie

Dark Undercut Pixie
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

35. Freshly Buzzed

Freshly Buzzed
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

36. Grey Undercut Pixie

Grey Undercut Pixie
Credit: @carrie__jessica

37. Perfect Pixie Cut

Perfect Pixie Cut
Credit: @barberiasdelmundo

38. Platinum Waves

Platinum Waves
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

39. Short Purple Hairstyle

Short Purple Hairstyle
Credit: @partiesdecorandmore

40. Silver Fox

Silver Fox
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

41. Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

42. Blonde Undercut Pixie

Blonde Undercut Pixie 1
Credit: @steffi_theermann

43. Bowl Cut Vibes

Bowl Cut Vibes
Credit: @buzzcutfeed

44. Metallic Grey Pixie

Metallic Grey Pixie
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

45. Platinum Messy Pixie Cut

Platinum Messy Pixie Cut
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

46. Platinum Texture Pixie

Platinum Texture Pixie
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

47. Red Undercut Pixie

Red Undercut Pixie
Credit: @barberiasdelmundo

48. Short Platinum Pixie Cut

Short Platinum Pixie Cut
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

49. Silver Hair

Silver Hair
Credit: @silver_7.5.2018