40 Stylish Inverted Bob Hairstyles 2021

Inverted bob hairstyle is very popular in 2021! So get ready to be inspired by this super trendy bob! It is an iconic cut that stands the test of time and is suitable for women of all ages, shapes and personalities.

An inverted bob has a longer front and a shorter back. Depending on the style, it can give your hair volume and size, create perfect geometry, lengthen or widen your face if needed, accentuate your favorite features, etc. Whether you choose fringe, waves, curls, layers or all at once, this hairstyle will always be a trendy look that complements your personality.

Sassy means lively, sassy, energetic and bold. So we can’t wait to discover innovative, bold and daring ways to cut, color and style the inverted Bob. In today’s bob gallery, you’ll find intermittent layers, new gold tones like white, neutral and gold gray, and warm colors like red, copper and soft orange on black bobs of various lengths.

Conversely, bob hairstyles bring dramatic short hairstyles to traditional stacked bob hairstyles, with long eyebrows and soft, tapered backs. The fuller shape at the neck creates a nice look to add volume without being too voluminous.

1. Blonde Hair Inverted Bob

Blonde Hair Inverted Bob
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