40 Popular Messy Bob Haircuts You Will Love

Are you looking for easy hair care with a unique style? In that case, these bob hairstyles look messy, simple but interesting. Each hairstyle has a unique image that is flexible and open to additional style options.

A messy bob can be of any length and for every type of hair everything needed for this style is a messy texture. It can be done with choppy layers, jagged ends, razored strands, and texture-boosting products, such as salt spray, textured foam and the like.

Messy Bob is about celebrating the carefree look. Imagine getting out of bed, adding a touch of experience and finding the perfect combination of elegance, sophistication, fashion and simple care. Whether you opt for a short, messy version or a slightly longer version, it always has a strong impact.

blonde bob
Source: Instagram @hairbysroth
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