40 Gorgeous Hairstyles and Haircuts for Thick Hair 2021

When you have thick hair, finding the right hairstyles and haircuts for your texture is not an easy task. Think about it: While folks with fine hair can rock a blunt bob like no other to add volume, such a heavy look probably won’t work once you’re done with your hair type. Ugh, the fight. Fortunately, like many things previously thought impossible, finding the best hairstyles for thick hair is actually totally doable. All you need to do is figure out which hairstyles for thick hair flatter your texture without making you look like a fluffy poodle.

Thick hair that gets shortened can be intimidating and risky, as your curls tend to create an extra body that can change the shape of your cut. But foolproof length for thick hair is worth trying, whether the texture is just above or below your shoulders. A haircut that suits your hair type, face shape and skin tone is very important to own your style. It gives you confidence and shows your best qualities while minimizing the time you spend taking care of your thick locks.

And now we’ve put together a list of the most flattering hairstyles for thick hair! Are you ready to show off your awesome mane? Then you have come to the right place. Read on as we rounded up 40 of the best short, medium and long haircuts for thick hair.

1. Beach Waves Blonde Hair

Beach Waves Blonde Hair
Source: @hair_by_alli_

2. Black to Blonde Straight Hair

Black to Blonde Straight Hair
Source: @cosmo_by_kelly

3. Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage 1
Source: @shonajadehairstylist

4. Blonde Bombshell

Blonde Bombshell
Source: @geribeth23

5. Blonde Waves for Think Hair

Blonde Waves for Think Hair
Source: @shonajadehairstylist

6. Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Bob Haircut for Thick Hair
Source: @moptopmason

7. Bright Blonde with Highlights

Bright Blonde with Highlights
Source: @nicoleashleyartistry

8. Brown Wavy Hair

Brown Wavy Hair
Source: @hairextensions_bykd

9. Brunette Blonde Hair

Brunette Blonde Hair
Source: @hair.by.kyrahiro

10. Brunette Blonde

Brunette Blonde
Source: @hair.by.kyrahiro

11. Curls and Wives

Curls and Wives
Source: @jblaze

12. Medium Curly Hair

Medium Curly Hair 1
Source: @carlazunigahair

13. Medium Wedding Hair

Medium Wedding Hair
Source: @taylorrosehair

14. Natural Balayage

Natural Balayage
Source: @getdolledupmke

15. Plump Soft Waves

Plump Soft Waves
Source: @fs.marija

16. Styled Blonde Hair

Styled Blonde Hair
Source: @josephmccormickhair

17. Big Chop

Big Chop
Source: @teagancousins.hair

18. Blonde Thick Hair

Blonde Thick Hair 2
Source: @sydneyhairextensions

19. Blonde Thick Hair

Blonde Thick Hair
Source: @josephmccormickhair

20. Blunt Chin Length Bob

Blunt Chin Length Bob
Source: @alexusestellehair

21. Bright Blonde

Bright Blonde
Source: @j_j_harper

22. Brown Balayage

Brown Balayage
Source: @shonajadehairstylist

23. Brunetteto Blonde

Brunetteto Blonde
Source: @rach_r_1

24. Deep Balayage Root Drag

Deep Balayage Root Drag
Source: @emmamirandahair

25. Mauve Hair Color

Mauve Hair Color
Source: @muahbytiinal

26. Medium Curly Hair

Medium Curly Hair 2
Source: @thedecalv

27. Medium Shaggy Haircut

Medium Shaggy Haircut
Source: @classiclois_hairstylist

28. Natural Hair Wavy Hair

Naturalhair Wavy Hair
Source: @fayemilnerhair

29. Shaggy Punk Hair

Shaggy Punk Hair
Source: @mandaziegelman

30. Short Grey Thick Hairstyle

Short Grey Thick Hairstyle
Source: @silver_7.5.2018

31. Soft Curls

Soft Curls
Source: @charoobakshi.hair

32. Thick Hair Blunt Lines

Thick Hair Blunt Lines
Source: @jacintagastin.hair

33. Blonde Lob Porn

Blonde Lob Porn
Source: @geribeth23

34. Blonde Thick Hair

Blonde Thick Hair
Source: @geribeth23

35. Brown Balayage

Brown Balayage 1
Source: @jaz.h.hair

36. Hair Waves

Hair Waves
Source: @wifeonadime

37. Highlighted Thick Hairstyles

Highlighted Thick Hairstyles
Source: @salon_luna_by_meredith

38. Medium Thick Hairstyles

Medium Thick Hairstyles
Source: @geribeth23

39. Plump Shadow Root

Plump Shadow Root
Source: @geribeth23

40. Strawberry and Pink

Strawberry and Pink
Source: @geribeth23