40 Cool Pixie Haircut Ideas to Inspire New Looks

The pixie haircut is elegant, feminine but childish and adapts to all hair types and textures. With the right design (with the right products), an elf can quickly switch from edgy to playful, romantic and sophisticated. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, quick tips and tricks, or mastered the perfect hairstyle technique, here’s everything you need to know about pixie haircuts.

Taking the step to get an elf takes a lot of courage. A pixie cut is a must. If you have medium to long locks, it can take several years for your hair to return to its original length after being cut into a pixie. Pixies are the best hairstyles to choose from if you want to show your face because they do a great job.

A pixie haircut is the latest classic short haircut. Celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Emma Watson have embraced the elegant shortcut in stunning style. We’d all be lying if at some point we didn’t admit we were playing with the idea of ​​making a sprite.

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