37 Short Straight Bob Haircuts 2019 That Really Inspire

So you want to get a bob. Who doesn’t do that today? Bella Hadid, Rowan Blanchard, Tessa Thompson, everyone has, why not you? But just like lipsticks or bases, bobs are not a universal solution. Instead, you need to know what works for you, your routine and your hair type.

The straight cut is one of the easiest cuts to comb at home, because the cutting technique uses the natural properties of the hair to create a beautiful curved shape. It is a good style for medium thick, stiff hair with a small natural volume. This adds a hint of height over the forehead and creates thick curls on the beautifully curved sides.

Whether you are an elegant diva with a lot of attitude or the girl next door, this straight hairstyle will attract your attention. There are many variations in a simple rectangle that you can look special every day and prepare for any occasion. View the extraordinary Straight Bob Styles and choose what you want.

Source: Instagram @_ginger_k
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