37 Pretty Short Pixie Haircuts for Girls

The real voice of confidence is the day you decide to cut your hair with a beautiful gnome cut. The distinctive appearance or the great heel, the short and cute style underlines its characteristics. Women often hide behind their hair.

The Pixie cut is a short haircut with a special touch. It is shorter at the back and sides and longer at the front. Imagine that! Peppermint cake is popular with young women and looks fantastic in a short or long hairstyle. Pixie are one of the best ways to comb short hair. These hairstyles are easy to comb and maintain and are suitable for almost all faces and hair types. They are so easy to comb that you can easily wash your hair before you leave and shake it with pride.

Discover the amazing hairstyles of pixie short and platinum blonde that you can still see today. If you really want to be even more charming than before, try our amazing hairstyles with short pixie hairstyles worn by the most beautiful ladies in 2019.

bob haircut
Source: Instagram @kurzehaare
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