37 Most Preferred Long Pixie Cuts We Love for 2019

The long pixie cuts are the medium between an eleven and a bob. Pink, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus decided this extraordinary harvest and made everyone jealous of these short hairstyles. This longer elf is ideal for women who have a busy and fast lifestyle. That is why it is not really necessary for a lot of maintenance and long styling periods. Use it with frayed or framed layers, with a sharp distance or a beautiful, straight or curly fringe, smooth or wavy, and you will always get a fantastic result!

You will be surprised how flexible pixie haircuts can be. It can be adapted to all face shapes and hair types, especially fine hair, because this elegant cut easily contains texture. You will undoubtedly receive countless compliments when you cut your hair in one of these beautiful pixie hair styles.

Are you ready to take your short pixie to an even easier level? A long pixie cut always keeps your hair sexy, but still offers a few options if you’re looking for length and versatility. Fashion hair accessories, a long elf is a cute hairstyle for the fashion girl on the move and not afraid to cut herself.

pixie haircut
Source: Instagram @beautyworldnet
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