37 Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Women That Are Simply Gorgeous

Bobs have been in fashion since the famous British model Twiggy established the harvest in the 60s, and the fashion world has been dominating ever since. Cut, eleven, long, curly and now our favorite of the couple. Blunt bobs are very elegant and we think they look absolutely remarkable. That is why we have collected our favorite blunt to inspire you and change your appearance.

Simple blunt bob hairstyles are the answer to a modern and flattering hairstyle that doesn’t last long. And a simple bob is the perfect vehicle for an exciting new hair color that can take years off your face! So when you’re ready for a seasonal update, check out these cute new bobs!

Blunt bob hairstyles are beneficial for thick, thin and medium hair. So take a cup of tea or coffee, sit down and discover all the ideas we have collected for you. Blunt bobs are super elegant and elegant. But there are also ways to make them less formal. Many death suggestions, including shaded loops, and you can rock any party.

Source: Instagram @un.rooted
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