35 Simple and Cool Short Fade Haircut for Men 2020

What is a short fade haircut? They look like two peas. Short hair fused on both sides and down the back. As always, the versatile fades in and out, tapered or sniffed low, medium and high hair, while the hair can be of any length, texture or style.

Short fade haircuts can be as short as a haircut, with the sides cut into the skin as long as the short hair is on top. Jump in and out with the latest classic look and everything in between. In the world of modern menswear, there is only one major reason seasoned hairdressers are passionate about a contemporary look and that is the versatility of this style.

With all the volume and texture allowed above, there are endless hairstyles you can create with ease. Are you going to a business meeting? Slide these necklaces back or use a simple comb. Are you planning to go out at night? Make a faux hawk!

1. Bald Fade

Bald Fade
Source: @carlys.cosmos

2. Burst Fade

Burst Fade
Source: @jackson_dugrawoficial

3. Classy Short Fade

Classy Short Fade
Source: @ates_herrenfriseur

4. Fauxhawk

Source: @barbeirobarbosaoficial

5. Italy Fade

Italy Fade
Source: @joti_hair

6. Low Fade Haircut

Low Fade Haircut
Source: @hairkalakar

7. Mid Fade

Mid Fade
Source: @vireibarbeiro

8. Short Fade 2020

Short Fade 2020
Source: @albansbarbershop

9. Short Fade

Short Fade
Source: @hairbysabrinaaaa

10. Short Faded Haircut

Short Faded Haircut
Source: @mostafa__tattoo_

11. Short Fringe

Short Fringe
Source: @salmazoivan

12. Skin Fade

Skin Fade
Source: @twinbarbers

13. Tape Fade

Tape Fade
Source: @barbeirobarbosaoficial

14. Bigode

Source: @brunoo_careca

15. High Shap Fade

High Shap Fade
Source: @niltin_cort

16. Low Tape Fade

Low Tape Fade 2
Source: @engerbarber_

17. Low Tape Fade

Low Tape Fade
Source: @welcortes_

18. Mid Fade

Mid Fade
Source: @jojo.barbearia

19. Silver Shaper

Silver Shaper
Source: @magia_azull

20. Tape Fade 2020

Tape Fade 2020
Source: @alexnavalhadeouro

21. Tight Sharp Haircut

Tight Sharp Haircut
Source: @steven_dabarber

22. Tight Fade

Tight Fade
Source: @arthursofashby

23. Quiff Fade

Quiff Fade
Source: @bebopbarber6660

24. Pink Skin Fade

Pink Skin Fade
Source: @lidsbarbers

25. Mental Style

Mental Style
Source: @lidsbarbers

26. Blowout Tight Fade

Blowout Tight Fade
Source: @dyedye_my_darling

27. Bald Fade

Bald Fade 1
Source: @stephaniegarcy

28. Mens Haircut Tight Fade

Mens Haircut Tight Fade
Source: @alejandrovega7010

29. Mid Fade x Comb Over

Mid Fade x Comb Over
Source: @evonik__

30. Mid Skin Fade

Mid Skin Fade
Source: @odeclipz

31. Orange Tight Fade

Orange Tight Fade
Source: @hairoinechique

32. Tight Sharp

Tight Sharp
Source: @dominic_d_barber

33. Tight Fade 2020

Tight Fade 2020
Source: @retelzy

34. Tight Fade Comb Over

Tight Fade Comb Over
Source: @nikosbarbershop

35. Tight Fade

Tight Fade
Source: @thedavidhawk