35 Easy Straight Bob Hairstyles You Can’t Miss for 2019

This season’s hairstyles are characterized by spectacular contrasts of gray and white, beautiful natural blonde hues and a distinctive vintage trend with multicolored stripes! Have fun choosing your “fantastic new hair color hairstyles here!”

A straight bob haircut can be a complicated style, but there are many ways to adjust it to any mood or get the look you want. Running a bob is much more difficult than curling long and that’s because you have to consider the structure of your face. The shape of your face and the size of your cheekbones play an important role in the success of a haircut, especially for a straight cut.

Whether you are an elegant diva or a neighbor, these straight bob hairstyles will attract your attention. There are different variants in a straight line that give it an extra look every day and prepare it for every occasion. View the extraordinary straight bob styles and choose what you want.

blunt bob
Source: Instagram @nataliemantia703
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