32 Trendy Textured Pixie Cut with Bangs You Will Love

A pixie cut can intimidate even the bravest babies. Whether it’s because we’ve had the same long, wavy hair since high school or because we’re afraid of getting our hair cut up close, there’s a lot of fear when you think about fairies.

Show off your smooth skin tone and accentuate your eyes with this short hair suitable for thick and medium textured hair. This short pixie hairstyle is short in the back and has long spikes on the side with the hairstyle to show off the ears and a pair of stylish earrings!

Textured pixie haircut is great for straight hair and casual hairstyles that women go for on the go! Simply apply mousse or styling wax to the longest part of the top and blow-dry with a round brush for a good root lift.

1. Blond Short Hair

Blond Short Hair
Source: @kratkovlasky.cz

2. Blonde Textured Pixie

Blonde Textured Pixie
Source: @lauratamedmymane

3. Chocolate Pixie Cut

Chocolate Pixie Cut
Source: @lizpaintshair

4. Colored Textured Pixie

Colored Textured Pixie
Source: @finedaytodye

5. Cropped Short Pixie for Older Women

Cropped Short Pixie for Older Women
Source: @ryanbrookshair

6. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs 2
Source: @katiebluesalon

7. Cutie Pixie Bob

Cutie Pixie Bob
Source: @lovesalonpdx

8. Grey Lowlights

Grey Lowlights
Source: @katiebluesalon

9. Grey Textured Pixie

Grey Textured Pixie
Source: @shapeshifter__studio

10. Halloween Style

Halloween Style
Source: @brittnypaintz

11. Platinum Pixie

Platinum Pixie
Source: @chloeannanelson

12. Purple Textured Pixie

Purple Textured Pixie
Source: @_therarebird_

13. Silber Shaggy Pixie

Silber Shaggy Pixie
Source: @hairlovinkc

14. Textured Hair 2020

Textured Hair 2020
Source: @brishairblogs

15. Undercut Pixie

Undercut Pixie
Source: @skipdoeshair

16. Balayage Textured Pixie

Balayage Textured Pixie
Source: @blacksheepsalonaz

17. Black Shag Haircut

Black Shag Haircut
Source: @skipdoeshair

18. Blonde Textured Pixie

Blonde Textured Pixie 1
Source: @laprost16

19. Cute Textured Pixie

Cute Textured Pixie
Source: @thegoodhairwitch

20. Dreamy Shaggy Pixie

Dreamy Shaggy Pixie
Source: @sarahhairuh

21. Faded Textured Pixie

Faded Textured Pixie.
Source: @ryanbrookshair

22. Green Pixie

Green Pixie
Source: @lawofcreation

23. Pink and Purple Hair

Pink and PurPle Hair
Source: @xanthi.hair

24. Pink Pixie

Pink Pixie
Source: @jenni.mardis

25. Pixie Shag

Pixie Shag
Source: @lucettesalon

26. Platinum and Purple Pixie

Platinum and Purple Pixie
Source: @parlourbeauty_yyc

27. Pulp Riot

Pulp Riot
Source: @belleamemacduff

28. Sassy Short Hair

Sassy Short Hair
Source: @taffyschneider

29. Short Textured Pixie

Short Textured Pixie
Source: @heydayhair

30. Silver Hair

Silver Hair 1
Source: @henniegebhardt

31. Texture

Source: @jcx28

32. Under Cut Pixie

Under Cut Pixie 1
Source: @ketohappimess