32 Trendy Bobs for Short Hairs That Make You Pretty

Bob everywhere, but no one wonders what the difference is between all Bob styles! What is an inverted bob? For example, what makes it different from a traditional bob? The most important difference lies in the technology with which this style has been achieved. If you are wondering how to cut an inverted square, you know that it is layered at the back and the lines are tilted slightly forward.

To navigate the perfect bob hairstyles, we turn to two renowned stylists who have expert advice: Leanne Citrone, co-owner and stylist of the Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles, and Jon Reyman, founder of the Spoke & Weal Show. Both Citron and Reyman see modern length as an impact-resistant cut that watches over you and can even encourage you to try more risky lengths in the future. Reyman likes to call it “initiation medicine” for various dramatic cuts.

Short locks have taken over hairstyles for women and they certainly do not go anywhere quickly. Where the long and glamorous waves used to be, nowadays bobs and lobsters dominate. Fresh cultures with excellent layered looks. These modern styles are perfect for pressing the Refresh button on your hair. When you’re ready to make the bold decision to cut your long curls, you’ll find the most elegant hairstyles and compliments of your inspiration here.

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Source: Instagram @marcela213