32 Short Sassy Hairstyles That Makes You Pretty in 2021

Short sassy haircut, you love them, hate them or fear them. Do not be afraid. This guide will help you understand which short styles are worth cutting. If you’re rethinking your style in 2021 and want to go for something a little less sophisticated, consider one of these great styles. Making drastic changes to your hair can be fun and powerful.

If you want to look young, need a few years for your age, or just want to cut your hair, a short haircut is a perfect hairstyle. Surprisingly, it works with any type of hair texture, be it curly, wavy, or straight. You don’t have too much trouble maintaining it, it’s actually a really quick and easy style. Most importantly, it should be suitable for any occasion, be it an office or a party. For those who don’t want to spend too much time in front of the mirror, this is a haircut they should definitely try.

Trendy short sassy haircuts are cut with style and use modern technology to create a bold and different look. From bales and baby lights to sleek covers and asymmetrical lines, these new techniques provide a playful touch from chin to neck. The cute short sassy hairstyle is styled on one side and layered throughout the interior.

1. Short Sassy Hairstyles

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Credit: @paulina.bambina

2. Black Short Hair

Black Short Hair
Credit: @paulina.bambina

3. Black Side Parting Hair

Black Side Parting Hair
Credit: @anamariaclarinetista

4. Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage
Credit: @balayageboutiquesalon

5. Brown Bob Cut

Brown Bob Cut
Credit: @balayageboutiquesalon

6. Green Clear Pastel

Green Clear Pastel
Credit: @taylorrae_hair

7. Purple Asymmetrical Bob

Purple Asymmetrical Bob
Credit: @kimberlym36

8. Red Beach Waves

Red Beach Waves
Credit: @hairby_brittnie

9. Red Short Hair

Red Short Hair
Credit: @oneleeeter

10. Short Hair

Short Hair
Credit: @aheadhairmedia

11. Short Hair with Glasses

Short Hair with Glasses
Credit: @alicja_nie_ala

12. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair
Credit: @avannaknight

13. Short Sassy Blonde

Short Sassy Blonde
Credit: @hairbyemilydasilva

14. Sweeping Bangs Pixicut

Sweeping Bangs Pixicut
Credit: @shear_reflections

15. Textured Razor Cut

Textured Razor Cut
Credit: @jazzyshairlife

16. Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob
Credit: @amyatsola

17. Blonde Icy Short Hair

Blonde Icy Short Hair
Credit: @lauryn.grace.hair

18. Bronde Short Hair

Bronde Short Hair
Credit: @mikaatbhc

19. Colourful Cut

Colourful Cut
Credit: @negomi_b

20. Curly Hairstyles 2021

Curly Hairstyles 2021
Credit: @_lydia_garcia

21. New Year Pixie Cut

New Year Pixie Cut
Credit: @cherylscissors

22. Pink Short Hair

Pink Short Hair
Credit: @__kelcabral

23. Purple Blue Hair

Purple Blue Hair
Credit: @cassie.paints.hair

24. Short Blonde Bob

Short Blonde Bob
Credit: @amandamaddoxsalon

25. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair
Credit: @capellistyle.it

26. Short Hair

Short Hair
Credit: @jananana.sch

27. Short Pulp Riot Hair

Short Pulp Riot Hair
Credit: @shell.vega

28. Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair
Credit: @daniellen_dixon

29. Textured Pink Bob

Textured Pink Bob
Credit: @pinkhairedstylist

30. Beautiful Graduated Bob Layers

Beautiful Graduated Bob Layers
Credit: @rhandy_art

31. Brunette Short Hairstyle

Brunette Short Hairstyle
Credit: @matkopolkojedyno

32. Smile Short Hair

Smile Short Hair
Credit: @_camillapicchi_