32 Short Rose Gold Hair Color That You Must Try

Rose gold hair is undeniably a style any girl can pull off when done the right way. Whether you opt for a pink scarf, your dark hair, simple and shy bits of rose silver or a curl in rose gold, this creative color can appeal to almost everyone!

Rose gold hair is a combination of red, pink and blonde hair colors. This hair trend is even more popular this year. This stunning pop color is styled by hairdressers based on the popular Rose Gold Tone jewelry. It can be as bold or as subtle as you like.

Rose gold hair color is very popular these days. Many people choose the best hairstyle that looks fascinating. Among other cool colors, the rose gold hair color will make you look absolutely mesmerizing. It remains one of the hottest hair color trends of 2020.

Whether you have short, wavy, curly, or straight hair, this hair color is perfect. However, the photos we’ve collected are your next guide.

1. A Little Pink

A Little Pink
Source: @tspastl

2. Balayage Highlights

Balayage Highlights
Source: @dvshair

3. Blush Pink

Blush Pink
Source: @sasshairandco

4. Chocolate Rose

Chocolate Rose
Source: @chchchchrlz

5. Curly Rose Gold

Curly Rose Gold
Source: @salonamelie

6. Dusty Rose Gold

Dusty Rose Gold
Source: @tammy.ethan

7. Metallic Rose Color

Metallic Rose Color
Source: @publicbarbersalon

8. Pink Hair 2020

Pink Hair 2020
Source: @am.letuan

9. Pink Hair Color

Pink Hair Color
Source: @claucamarillo_

10. Rose Gold Bob

Rose Gold Bob
Source: @__ieva__87

11. Rose Gold Hair 2020

Rose Gold Hair 2020
Source: @modernswanminot

12. Rose Gold Hair Fall

Rose Gold Hair Fall
Source: @tigerlily5303

13. Rose Petals

Rose Petals
Source: @gorana.trzc

14. Short Pink Hair

Short Pink Hair
Source: @oftheheartbeauty

15. Short Pinky Hair

Short Pinky Hair
Source: @marteostensen

16. Soft Pink

Soft Pink
Source: @devonleestyles

17. Blushing Balayage

Blushing Balayage
Source: @shell.vega

18. Chic and Pink

Chic and Pink
Source: @rebeccavalles_

19. Curly Pink Hair

Curly Pink Hair
Source: @evejenkinsmua

20. Cute Rose Gold Hair

Cute Rose Gold Hair
Source: @88hairstyle

21. Pink Balayage

Pink Balayage
Source: @hairwizardofoz

22. Rose Gold and Blonde

Rose Gold and Blonde
Source: @nina.vidojevic

23. Rose Gold and Pulp Riot Hair

Rose Gold and Pulp Riot hair
Source: @msnataliejean

24. Rose Gold Bob

Rose Gold Bob 1
Source: @idye4beauty

25. Rose Gold Pixie

Rose Gold Pixie
Source: @misscoralineblue

26. Short Pink Hair

Short Pink Hair 1
Source: @liliana_loveshair

27. Short Rose Gold

Short Rose Gold
Source: @savvyheartshair

28. Auburn Dark Rose Gold

Auburn Dark Rose Gold
Source: @ashglambooth

29. Golden Rose Gair

golden Rose Gair
Source: @sonriebonita

30. Hot Pink Hair

Hot Pink Hair
Source: @amberbeckjordhair

31. Pastel Haircut

Pastel Haircut
Source: @mojkahair

32. Peach Hair

Peach Hair
Source: @rougehairwitch