30+ Amazing Choppy Bob Hairstyles For Any Occasion

The choppy bob is a contemporary version of the classic bobsled. With tons of structured layers and movements, you can instantly create a beach atmosphere or polish your hair with a straightener for a simple and elegant style. Versatile cuts, as we have chosen for you, are the key to a simple yet composite look. With just a few adjustments in fitness, there is a structured shake for almost everyone.

Choppy bob hairstyles are a favorite of women of all ages, creating a beautiful look that frames the face all the time. But if you’re new to choppy bob, or just want to change color or style, we’re here to help.

Volume and structure are the main goal of choppy bobs. Use hair wax to mark strands of different lengths. Put a thread the size of a hazelnut on your hands and put the wax on the hair that covers it. The idea is to confuse your hair as much as possible. This helps in creating the “Cancel” appearance. You can also emphasize the parts of your hair with a softener. Finally, apply spray salt to the ends to obtain an extra texture.

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Source: Instagram @rafaelbertolucci1