30 Most Popular Pixie Haircut with Bangs For 2020

Pixie haircuts can greatly appeal to your facial expression and overall beauty. The hair is cut around the ear and also on the back of the hair.

Pixie haircuts with bangs look magical, The best of this? No problem with Rapunzel, no replacement program every few hours, no shower times, just to wash your hair! On the other hand, a bang helps to cover a wide forehead and simplify your facial features.

You can also style your hair with cute short bangs to give your face a certain charm. This type of hairstyle is more common in women who want to emphasize the structure of their face. If you have nice textures and facial features, this type of haircut is perfect for showing the positive features of your face.

1. Dark Pixie Cut

Dark Pixie Cut
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Source: @latesthair

2. Layered Haircut

Layered Haircut
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Source: @silcuriati

3. Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob
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Source: @smnthancole

4. Pixie with Bangs 2020

Pixie with Bangs 2020
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Source: @jneny

5. Pixie with Bangs

Pixie with Bangs
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Source: @fauxfiber

6. Pixie with Fringe

Pixie with Fringe
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Source: @raenikole

7. Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde 1
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Source: @samantha.snipshair

8. Purple Headband

Purple Headband
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Source: @jugniology

9. Rose Gold Pixie

Rose Gold Pixie
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Source: @raularaujohair

10. Shag Pixie 2020

Shag Pixie 2020
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Source: @chloeannanelson

11. Shaggy Pixie

Shaggy Pixie
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Source: @christie_dyball_hairdresser

12. 70s Fringe

70s Fringe
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Source: @leedoinghair

13. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs 1
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Source: @southernblondeandco

14. Cute Bangs

Cute Bangs
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Source: @thepixiebarber

15. Long Layered Shag

Long Layered Shag
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Source: @jessica.kachmar

16. Pastel Pixie
Pastel Pixie
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17. Pink and Blue Pixie

Pink and Blue Pixie
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Source: @ginawarkentin

18. Pink Blue Hair

Pink Blue Hair
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Source: @jackieshairinsta

19. Pixie Bangs 2020

Pixie Bangs 2020
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Source: @thebeautyparlor_ny

20. Pixie Bangs

Pixie Bangs
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Source: @jessica.kachmar

21. Razor Cut Bangs

Razor Cut Bangs
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Source: @thepixiebarber

22. Textured Pixie Cut

Textured Pixiecut
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Source: @daniellasdos

23. Under Cut Pixie

Under Cut Pixie
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Source: @ketohappimess

24. Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs
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Source: @salonmackk

25. Copper Pixie

Copper Pixie
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Source: @tanjascolors

26. Pixie Bangs 2020

Pixie Bangs 2020 1
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Source: @leila.dali

27. Pixie with Fringe

Pixie with Fringe 1
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Source: @smnthancole

28. Pixie Banged Bob

Pixie Banged Bob
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Source: @aleckzpicha

29. Shaggy Mullet

Shaggy Mullet
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Source: @asha_hair_makeup

30. Banging Pixie

Banging Pixie
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Source: @kasdoeshair