30 Incredible Short Purple Hair Ideas You’ll See in 2021

Purple is a color that may have more potential than any other. After all, it is a hue that can look deep and sensual with a beautiful dark charm, or have soft caramel tones. However, these are just two of the countless possibilities. Whichever way you choose to rock this vibrant color, you can be sure to stand out in the crowd when you wear purple highlights in your hair.

A beautiful short purple hairstyle will take the salon by storm in 2021. Short purple hair is one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. From fashionable girls to bold and beautiful women, everyone loves short and long purple hair. The energy that short purple hair gives off is so amazing that no one can resist it.

So why not get ahead of the trend with one of these gorgeous gothic, beautiful, bold and romantic purple hairstyles, spring and summer in 2021! The purple hairstyle trend includes a wide variety of colors, from pale lavender to pink, to soft tones and soft hair, to blue and purple!

If you are daring or just want to change your style with colorful highlights, consider a beautiful and vibrant shade of purple. It has a romantic fairy tale theme and is feminine and elegant, a perfect combination.

1. Dark Purple

Dark Purple
Credit: @nothingbutpixies

2. Dimensional Purple

Dimensional Purple
Credit: @thehairstandard

3. High Magent Ultra Purple

High Magent Ultra Purple
Credit: @larionova_lilya

4. Pink and Purple

Pink and Purple
Credit: @cortneys_cosmetology

5. Pulpriot Color

Pulpriot Color
Credit: @sarahshaircreations

6. Punky Purple Ombre

Punky Purple Ombre
Credit: @lexi_the_hair_slayer

7. Purple and Blue Hair

Purple and Blue Hair
Credit: @riftwingdesigns

8. Purple Bob Hair

Purple Bob Hair
Credit: @roguehairstudio

9. Purple Bob

Purple Bob
Credit: @feelin.vivid

10. Purple Pixie Cut

Purple Pixie Cutr
Credit: @mrs_crimson_ford

11. Purple Pixie

Purple Pixie
Credit: @salonbogar

12. Sassy Purple Pixie

Sassy Purple Pixie
Credit: @kstrangedesign

13. Short Pink Hair

Short Pink Hair
Credit: @hairby_jz

14. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair 2
Credit: @communehaircult

15. Short Purple Hair 2021

Short Purple Hair 2021
Credit: @lifebysarahelizabeth

16. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair 1
Credit: @mindbeautyhair

17. Short Purple Bob Cut

Short PurpleBob Cut
Credit: @nikkipophair

18. Softness Texture Purple Hair

Softness Texture Purple Hair
Credit: @pinkhairedstylist

19. Bob Cut Textured Hair

Bob Cut Textured Hair
Credit: @shanniehairslayer

20. Pulp Riot Hair

Pulpriot Hair
Credit: @honeyhousehair

21. Purple Bob

Purple Bob 1
Credit: @shayna_chic

22. Purple Ombre

Purple Ombre
Credit: @kalliedwardshair

23. Purple Pixie Haircut

Purple Pixie Haircut
Credit: @gerilynghaisarzadeh

24. Short Bob Hair

Short Bob Hair 1
Credit: @kpbeauty.nh

25. Short Bob Light Purple Hair

Short Bob Light Purple Hair
Credit: @yogawithelyza

26. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair 2 1
Credit: @lunaarhair

27. Short Purple Hair

Short Purple Hair 3
Credit: @brielamour89

28. Short Purple Pixie

Short Purple Pixie
Credit: @buzzcutfeed

29. Straight Pastel Purple Hair

Straight Pastel Purple Hair
Credit: @lieary__

30. Under Cut Purple Pixie Hair

Under Cut Purple Pixie Hair
Credit: @buzzcutfeed