29 Chic Shag Haircut For a Trendy Look in This Year

The shag haircut has an iconic place in the hearts of fashionistas. He received his name and popularity for the first time in the 1970s as a unisex style worn by celebrities such as Joan Jett and Rod Stewart. Because of this popularity, the look has become synonymous with ‘rocker chic’ and offers a simple way to add impact to a simple cut. Since then, shag hairstyles have evolved with the fashion trends of every decade. From Jennifer Aniston to Meg Ryan to Jennifer Lawrence and Alexa Chung, this model has become an integral part of reinventing the appearance of a star that turns your hair into something incredible.

Modern shag haircuts give you an elegant and cool look, bringing your hair styles to a higher level. Fluff is fantastic regardless of the length: short and rough hairstyles are extremely sharp and attractive. With a medium cut you get a bit of modern styles while long hairstyles are known for their incredible full layers. The lint is so good for thin, thick, curly and smooth hair.

In addition, we have completed the best shag hairstyles of the most popular salons, all of them subdivided by the length of the hair. Although we may not be able to help you find the perfect vintage snake skin, it is good to add a hint of fluff to the next hairstyle.

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