24 Trendy Pixie Cuts to Make You Stand Out in 2019

A pixie haircut may seem like a daunting prospect, but trust us once you’ve decided on the super short haircut, luckily your long curls will be forgotten. A look as stifled as indignant, wearing nothing more than the scissors at the front to keep you cooler. And what could be better than during a heat wave when we are literally looking for a colder look.

A beautifully designed Pixie cut is one of the cutest hairstyles of the year 2019. Pixie hairstyles exploded when Twiggy, the iconic 1960s model, cut her hair. The problem with this hairstyle for women? His hair was elegant. Many people think that you should be Twiggy (or perhaps Natalie Portman) to break this beautiful hairstyle, but to be honest this style can generally be flattering. If your stylist knows how to cut curly hair, a curly pixie cut might be just what your hair needs. It is easier to wait and to shorten the time you defend your curls.

If you are caught in a routine style, a great hairstyle can be exactly what you need to renew your look. Simply by cutting your long curls for a short harvest, you can look like a new woman. The idea may sound scary, but with rags and bobs that are currently popular, a pixie cut is the next natural step.

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Source: Instagram @denyvir
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