24 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women Over 40

Times are changing rapidly. Women over 40 years old who were regarded as elderly a century ago can now enter a new stage of life. They are more confident than before and will desire to express themselves more than ever. Of course, hairstyles are no exception.

Women over 40 have many modern and elegant short haircuts to choose from. Not only can you hide your age through bangs and waves, but you can also match some unique styles to make your face younger. Don’t worry about your wrinkles and fine lines, you can become a fashion-conscious modern woman over 40.

Bobs, pixies and lob are all good hairstyles worthy of your consideration. Not only are they need low maintenance, they still look fashionable. Today we list 24 popular short hairstyles for women over 40 to choose the most suitable for you, pick one up!

1. Short Blonde Pixie

Short Blonde Pixie

She used BlondeMe bleach powder from Schwarzkopf with 20vol developer.
Toned with BlondeMe “ICE” toner with 10vol developer for 15 mins.
Conditioned with BlondeMe keratin mask for cool blondes – this stuff smells ahhhmazing.

2. Blonde Bob for Women Over 40

Blonde Bob for Women Over 40

What a sunny day! A very pretty young lady and pretty short hairstyle, gray waves can bring you a different fashion, this fashion will last until the age of 60.

3. Pulp Riot Pixie Cuts

Pulp Riot Pixie Cuts

“The primary color purple (Lilac) is to show my support for Lupus awareness month. I battle with lupus myself, and it sucks! But I just live my life one day at a time and make the most of it. I put multiple pictures up of how my hair looks when I comb it different directions. I love how my hair turned out! It’s so fun!”
Pulp Riot colors: Candy, Lava, Firefly, Area 51, Lilac

4. Orange Pixie Hair

Orange Pixie Hair

Wow, such a sunny bronze pixie cut, you will be unique with a silk scarf of the same tone.

5. Blonde Pixies Over 40 Style

Blonde Pixies Over 40 Style

This is suitable for ladies over 40 years old. The pixie cut has shadow roots. If you have a long neck and long face, short hair is very suitable for you, especially suitable for not having too much time in the morning.

6. Blonde Bob with Side Parting

Blonde Bob with Side Parting1
Blonde Bob with Side Parting2

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life, if you hate dyeing your hair, this very natural hair color will suit you without too much maintenance.

7. Red Pixie Copper Hair

Red Pixie Copper Hair

The hair of women over 40 is beginning to become thinner, short pixie hair is a good choice. Choose a bold red to make the hair short and interesting.

8. Buzz Cut for Women Over 40

Buzz Cut for Women Over 40

Buzzed with an 8 guard, which is about 25mm in length. Cleaned up the back neckline with a 2 up to 4 guards.

9. Green Asymmetrical Bob

Green Asymmetrical Bob

Bold green and asymmetrical bob work together to create a stylish cut, it is suitable for oval face shapes.

10. Simple Bob Hairstyle

Simple Bob Hairstyle

If you want to cut a conservative hairstyle, why not try this simple bob cut, she looks glamorous.

11. Pink Pixie Cuts Over 40 Hair

Pink Pixie Cuts Over 40 Hair

Who said that pink is only a patent for young girls, after the age of 40, you can use bold pink to highlight your sexy, remember red lipstick!

12. Green Bleached Hair

Green Bleached Hair

When your hair color has faded and turned into another shade. And you kinda like it and not sure you’re ready to change it. Maybe leave it this color?

13. Blonde Wavy Bob

Blonde Wavy Bob 1

Good to see a side part, looks great. It’s sassy! And yes, 50 is not old.

14. Blonde Textured Pixie

Blonde Textured Pixie1
Blonde Textured Pixie2

Fresh cut and regrowth. Super cute elf shape, looming root shadow adds a sense of fashion.

15. Short Blonde Pixie

Short Blonde Pixie 1

Wow she is looking stunning and so relaxed, blonde and blue!

16. Short Grey Bob

Short Grey Bob

Looks good, you can keep your hair color and your style!

17. Red Bob for Black Women Over 40

Red Bob for Black Women Over 40

When you have black skin, dark brown will be a good choice, simple bob, simple life.

18. Short Pixie Haircut

Short Pixie Haircut

Stay at home, and grow your hair! Before my pixie cut gets too much out of shape.

19. Short Grey Hair for Women Over 40

Short Grey Hair for Women Over 40

A very beautiful picture of a beautiful woman she is very attractive and very gentle.

20. Blonde Curls Over 40 Hair

Blonde Curls Over 40 Hair

Volume and Curl on fine, thinning hair.

21. Purple Short Hair

Purple Short Hair

Purple hair lasting a long time. What a gorgeous style!

22. Short White Hair for Women Over 40

Short White Hair for Women Over 40

Feeling some extra love for her silver hair today as it is really growing and she is liking it more and more as she has more of it! It’s amazing how shiny it is and how much more she has since not using hair color!

23. Simple Silver Hair

Simple Silver Hair

Straightened her hair for the first time in a few weeks and her silvers decided to SHINE.

24. Natural Hair for Women Over 40

Natural Hair for Women Over 40

Here’s what Rejuveniqe oil will do for your hair…
• It’s all natural, has 13 botanical oils in it that soak INTO the cortex of your hair and into your skin cells, rather than setting on top like most oils do.
• Heals your skin and hair from the inside out.