23 Wavy & Curly Pixie Cuts Look Incredible for 2021

Pixie cuts for curly hair make you look flawless. Curly girls may have shunned an elf who used to be terrified of the dreaded wedge-shaped look, but here at All Things Hair, we really feel your pain and want you to know you can rock a pair of super shorts.

While curly hair can be thick, bushy and difficult to tame from time to time, pixie cuts for curly hair can reduce volume (which is great when it’s hot outside), not to mention styling time. And very cute to start with!

Curly hair is tricky, and when you have curls, choosing the right hairstyle can be overwhelming. When curl pattern and growth direction are taken into account, no two curls are the same and there is rarely one cut that works for everyone. However, according to Pinterest, there is one style that has sparked universal love recently: the curly pixie cut.

1. Black Curly Pixie

Black Curly Pixie

2. Curly Pixie 2020

Curly Pixie 2020

3. Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie

4. Curly Shag Pixie

Curly Shag Pixie

5. Natural Curls

Natural Curls

6. Pixie Curls

Pixie Curls

7. Pixie Cut 2021

Pixie Cut 2021

8. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

9. Rad Curly Pixie

Rad Curly Pixie

10. Razor Pixie

Razor Pixie

11. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair 3

12. Side Parted Curly Hair

Side Parted Curly Hair

13. Silver Pixie

Silver Pixie

14. Wavy Pixie

Wavy Pixie 1

15. Big Chunky Curls

Big Chunky Curls

16. Blonde Curly Pixie

Blonde Curly Pixie

17. Curly Pixie 2021

Curly Pixie 2021

18. Cutest Little Pixie

Cutest Little Pixie

19. Green Curls

Green Curls

20. Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob

21. Pixie Curls

Pixie Curls 1

22. Pixie Undercut

Pixie Undercut

23. Yellow Curly Pixie

Yellow Curly Pixie