20 Modern Japanese Long Hairstyles Female 2021

The Japanese are very keen to dress up, not only in terms of health but also in terms of appearance. You will find that Japanese women spend a few hours doing hair, so cute styles emerge endlessly, Japanese hairstyles range from short to long, from curly hair to straight hair, from cute to sexy, these styles are not only popular in Japan, but also popular in other Asian countries and even Western countries.

Japanese long hair is a unique existence. Find out the long hairstyle that best suits your personality and face shape, curls it outwards at the bottom of the hair appropriately to create an interesting look. If you want to show off your hair, use beautiful Japanese wands or hair accessories.

One of the characteristics of Japanese long hair is bangs. If you have a big forehead, then bangs are your ideal choice. They can make good use of your strengths and avoid weaknesses, and perfectly show your facial features. Another typical Japanese-style long hair is curly hair at the end, which can be bent in or out, and long hair can also be tied in a ponytail, giving people a feeling of vitality.

1. Long Hair Wavy Style

Long Hair Wavy Style

This long hair gives a sense of transparency, and the smooth forehead is a bit more charming.

2. Long Hair with Braids

Long Hair with Braids

When you have a big braid, it will look cuter. This hairstyle is suitable for girls in school.

3. Blue Silver Wavy Hair

Blue Silver Wavy Hair

The face area is outstandingly sexy.

4. Cute Japanese Long Hairstyle

Cute Japanese Long Hairstyle

Straight bangs and a cute hairstyle! The best long hairstyle is Wave-rolled long hair.

5. Pink Long Wavy Hair

Pink Long Wavy Hair

What a lovely and charming color, if you want to stay passionate in autumn and winter, you might as well try it.

6. Blonde Long Wavy Style

Blonde Long Wavy Style

There are not many bangs, but it can give you a lovely look.

7. Long Hair Wavy Style 2021

Long Hair Wavy Style 2021

White greige with highlight x color.
Summer is also late, but autumn pre-emptive color.
Highlights can be stacked little by little to make it beautiful.

8. Pink Long Hair

Pink Long Hair

What a cute taffy pink color!

9. Cute Blonde Long Hair

Cute Blonde Long Hair

Look at the condition of your hair and do your best.

10. Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights

When you don’t want to wear the same long hair, highlighting becomes a good choice.

11. Long Waves + Blunt bangs

Long Waves Blunt bangs

Blunt bangs can better modify your facial features and at the same time make you look more feminine.

12. Wine Rose Long Hair

Wine Rose Long Hair

The hairstylist put a rose color on the tip of the hair with gradation, even if you have extensions, you can arrange half twins, etc.

13. Straight Long Hair

Straight Long Hair

Simple straight hair doesn’t take much time, it will look cute when you have a round face.

14. Orange Wavy Hairstyle

Orange Wavy Hairstyle

Her hair is wrapped, and the tension goes up!

15. Round Face + Show Forehead Long Hair

Round Face Show Forehead Long Hair

If you are more confident about your forehead, why not try this long hair, it will undoubtedly show your cuteness.

16. Navy Straight Long Hair

Navy Straight Long Hair

Sometimes, keeping straight hair is a simple way to keep you trending this season.

17. Long Blonde Hairstyle

Long Blonde Hairstyle

With only humidity and rain, I was worried about dryness, it smells so good, hair revived.

18. Autumn Warm Color

Autumn Warm Color

Warm color can make your long hair more charming in cold seasons.

19. Grey and Blue Ombre

Grey and Blue Ombre

Great color scheme, gray tones and blue curls at the tail.

20. Cute Japanese Long Hair

Cute Japanese Long Hair

Cold milk brown, nice hair color can set off your skin tone.