100+ Blunt Cut Ideas That You Must Try

The bob has been all the rage since the famous British model Twiggy almost made a success of it in the 1960s. Short, pixie, long and curly, and now our favorite group: blunt. Blunt bobs are so chic, we think they look absolutely stunning. That’s why we’ve listed our favorite blunt hairstyles to inspire you to change up your look.

In a nutshell, the blunt haircut is sleek without layers and is suitable for straight and fine hair. Over time, however, the short hairstyle has changed a lot. Now women with wavy, curly, thick and textured hair wear it more often than women with straight or fine hair. Usually seen on girls with short hair, now girls with medium length and long hair are also opting for this trendy hairstyle. If you are looking for the perfect transition for this season, a straight hairstyle is a good option.

A simple blunt bob haircut is the answer to having a fashionable and attractive hairstyle without spending much time on styling. A simple bob is the perfect way to discover new hair colors that can rejuvenate your face. So if you’re ready for a seasonal update, check out these cute new blunt bobs!

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